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The paper "Analysis of Dark Lord of Derkholm by Diana Wynne Jones" discusses that the book is absolutely fantastic, and you are really drawn into a world of mystery and magic, and while you get many laughs throughout, at the same time you are engulfed by a story of love, turmoil, and confusion…
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Analysis of Dark Lord of Derkholm by Diana Wynne Jones
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Dark Lord of Derkholm by Diana Wynne Jones"

Book Review:
Dark Lord of Derkholm by Diana Wynne Jones
The book Dark Lord of Derkholm by Diana Wynne Jones is truly a wonderful work that is set with a genre of fantasy, and the basic theme of the book is that next door to our ordinary world there is a mysterious and wonderful world that is filled with magic and treasure. Although slightly comical, this book truly allows the reader to enjoy the idea of finding and living life out in a magical fantasy world. There are several main characters that are found in this literary work, and one of the most primary characters is that of a cold-hearted older man named Mr. Chesney, and then there is also one of the Dark Lords, who is named Derk. There are primary characters as well, such as Derk’s son Blade, his daughter Shona the bard, as well as the groups of tourists, some of who are integrated quite frequently into the book.
The basic plot of the story is that Mr. Chesney is the man in charge of Pilgrim Parties, which is basically a sort of company that takes groups of tourists across the magical land. Wizard guides are used to shepherd the different groups of tourists around the land, and although there are actually many different wizard guides, they all have similar rules put upon them by Mr. Chesney, such as the fact that they all must have long white beards, which obviously tends to cause problems for the younger wizard guides, such as one in particular, and that is Derk’s son Blade.
There are several different things that take place on these tours, and one of the things that the groups of tourists look most forward to is that of the slaying of the Dark Lord. Basically what happens here is that beforehand, once a year, there is one wizard in particular that is chosen to be the Dark Lord, and then every time a group of tourists go through they get to ‘slay’ the Dark Lord. Although this does not mean that they actually are killed, what happens is perhaps even worse, as the groups get to participate in large battles, of which tend to cause great devastation. No one particularly likes Mr. Chesney and no one likes most of his ideas, either, especially considering the fact of how much havoc and ruin he causes during these tours, however no one dares to go against him.
Derk is the one who is chosen as the Dark Lord for the particular year that the book takes place, and so much of the story focuses on him, and he thus is made to act as the chief-villain as well as the tour coordinator, and we see in the book that this is hard for him, considering all of the drama and turmoil that he is already going through in regards to his personal life. Derk is a rather influential genius, and a sort of madman at the same time although quite mild mannered, as rather than be chosen as the Dark Lord he would rather spend his time creating new animals to add to his existing collection. Much of the book focuses on Derk, and about his personal life, especially in regards to his son and daughter, and although the main theme of this book is fantasy, there is much more than is divulged into within this book. For instance, the trappings of various different fantasy epics are spoofed in this book, and although again rather comical, the stronger theme is one of love, and the telling of a life of a family who goes through all of the squabbles and heartbreak and good times of a regular family.
Overall, this book is absolutely fantastic, and you are really drawn into a world of mystery and magic, and while you get many laughs throughout, at the same time you are engulfed by a story of love, turmoil, and confusion, and you really get lost in a world of fun and fantasy. Diana Wynne Jones made this book interesting and influential on people of all ages, and definitely a book that you will not be able to put down.
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Wynne Jones, Diana. Dark Lord of Derkholm. New York: HarperTrophy, 2001. Read More
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