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Wynn Las Vegas Financial Analysis - Assignment Example

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The 2.7 billion Dollar resort covers approximately 87 hectares of land, with 45 floors and 2,716 rooms. This paper is a financial analysis of Wynn Lass Vegas Financial Analysis and a…
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Wynn Las Vegas Financial Analysis
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Extract of sample "Wynn Las Vegas Financial Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages The Profitability Ratios considered in the paper include Net profit margin, Return on Assets, and Gross profit margin. The Liquidity Ratios considered in the paper include the Current ratio and the Quick Ratio. The Leverage Ratios considered in the paper include the Total debt to total assets ratio and the Debt ratios. Data relevant to the calculation of these ratios was tabulated for the five companies considered in the paper, for the year 2013 financial results.
When analyzing this ratio, the net profit after tax and sales are considered. Below are the financial data for the three companies under consideration. Net Profit Margin can, therefore, be established using the formula;
From the table, it can be established that Bellagio has the highest Net Profit Margin, and Wynn Lass Vegas has the least. This means Wynn Lass Vegas had the least efficiency, after all, the expenses were considered.
This ratio analyzes the productivity of the asset in consideration of net profits after tax. The formula used to analyze ROE is Net Profit after tax/Total Assets * 100. The table below illustrates the analysis of the Return on Assets for the five companies under consideration.
Current ratios are used to analyze the company’s ability to pay short-term debt meet its day-to-day operations. In the calculation of the Current Ratios, the values involved include Current Assets and Current Liabilities (Vandyck, 2006). The table below shows the five companies’ Current Assets, Current Liabilities, and Current Ratios.
The table above shows that Bellagio has the highest current ratios, closely followed by Wynn Lass Vegas. The high value of current ratio indicates that the company has greater ability of paying short term debt than those companies with lower current ratios.
This ratio analyzes the percentage assets financed through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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