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1984 vs. Brave New World - Essay Example

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Although similarities exist between Huxley's "Brave New World" and Orwell's "1984",they are more dissimilar than alike in their basic idea.The structures of the societies depicted in the novels are different,however the goal of both governments is the same-total control of society, to keep the majority in ignorance and submission…
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1984 vs. Brave New World
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"1984 vs. Brave New World"

Download file to see previous pages Although similarities exist between Huxley's "Brave New World" and Orwell's "1984",they are more dissimilar than alike in their basic idea.The structures of the societies depicted in the novels are different,however the goal of both governments is the same-total control of society, to keep the majority in ignorance and submission. The governments use different tactics of manipulation, the Party from "1984" uses torture to subdue those who might oppose it, Utopia of "Brave New World" controls people by showering them with pleasure, which is ultimately more effective because pleasure-based control makes the victim want to feel good by submitting to it. "1984" is the story of Winston who finds forbidden love within the hypocrisy of his society. "Brave New World" is a novel about the struggle of Bernard Marx, who rejects the tenants of his society when he discovers that he is not truly happy. In both cases, the main character is in quiet rebellion against his government which is eventually found to be in vain. "Brave New World" is more scientific and uses more religion. "1984" is more political and uses force, power, fear, and anger to keep people in line.The governments in "1984" and "Brave New World" weakened their citizens with ignorance and silenced them with fear. In "1984" the proles were considered to be completely without thought, and regarding the actions of the Party they in fact were. The ignorance of the proles allowed them to continue on with their lives without the burden of knowledge of the Party. Those in the Party who had somewhat of an idea of the motives and deception of the higher members were silenced with the fear of death and torture. This enabled the Party to prevent a revolt from ever occurring. However, the people who were caught and subjected to torture were not killed or injured to confess their crimes, instead they were physically, intellectually and emotionally reborn. They loved the Party and more importantly they loved Big Brother.
In "Brave New World" this triumph over the individual and destruction of the sprit of man does not happen in the same way. The citizens in "Brave New World" have almost no need to be reborn to love the Party, or the State in their case. This is so because they truly had no human spirit in the beginning, for without true love from parents and real interaction with others at young ages, and without even a real birth, those in "Brave New World" do not need to be changed by the State because all that they have learned has been taught by the State itself. However, there is a precaution: the citizens grow up with the fear of being shipped to a far off island for a life of intense manual labor if they do not succumb to the standards of their society. The control of the people in both novels is to assure the power of the main leaders, such as Big Brother and the World Controller.
For the societies of "1984" and "Brave New World" to exist, the manipulation of the citizens must occur. In "1984", the Party has control over everything, including the minds of its people. Doublethink is a kind of manipulation of the mind, used by the rulers of Oceania. This makes people accept contradictions, and believe that the party is the only institution that distinguishes between right and wrong. Doublethink ensures orthodoxy and loyalty in spite of anything that may occur. The Party also created newspeak as a tool to promote and enforce doublethink. Newspeak manipulates its citizens into thinking a certain way. The reduction of words to a bare minimum, or newspeak, disables the citizens from producing true thoughts of their own that may stray from the path of Big Brother.
In "Brave New World" the citizens are not only manipulated into conformed thoughts, but their behavioral patterns are preconditioned. They are taught the laws and rules of their society, so as to prevent them from ever producing thoughts that differed from those of the government. The children are taught to love the social status in which they are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“1984 Vs. Brave New World Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/literature/1516272-1984-vs-brave-new-world.
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The book called Brave New World
As the new cultural movements pervade the contemporary world and the science becomes the prominent lens through which the humanity tends to observe the society and its institutions, the consequences imminent in Brave New World not only become a pertinent possibility but also seem to be life like and real.
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Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
Considering Huxley’s predictions of the world in the future, the readers cannot help but wonder to what extent the writer has managed to get them right, how much the future thought up by an imaginative mind matches that of the reality.
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Preventing a Brave New World

According to the paper, Kass abrasively states that there is that need due to nature that compel the humanity to decide on the issues not less than whether humanity procreation is to be terminated or it should remain. Additionally, it is whether children are going to be obtained by placing orders rather than begotten.

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Brave New World and 1984
1984 is George Orwell's foreshadowing, 36 years set into the future. Brave New World, on the one-hand, is set in the year 632 AF (After Ford), a fictional date that is set after countless wars and insurgencies. We could assume that the After- Ford period is the aftermath of the Ford Capitalist regime in the United States or simply a hypothetical era where a certain "Ford" allows time continuum to be dedicated to him.
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Comparing the novels 1984 and A Brave New World with the Communist Soviets
This essay demonstrates that the characters in this novel simply accept everything that happens in their lives and continue on as if everything is acceptable. In the Soviet Union, people had to accept what was going on because they were afraid of questioning their leaders. The novel "1984" contains some interesting parallels to the Soviet Union.
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Brave New World and Political Theory
t the result of a patriarchal government that relieves its citizens of the burdens of all forms of decision-making under the guise of providing for them an existence free of conflict. In the novel, personal expression is criminal and all important choices are made by a state
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RFID: Brave New World of Technology
The primary concern is that existing legislation and common law privacy protection principles may not be sufficient to safeguard against the potentionally intrusive nature of RFID. The discussion that follows examines the law as it is and what measures may be necessary to regulate the use of RFID so as to avoid incidents of invasion of privacy.
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Brave New World
Indeed, the author has explored various themes in the novel using diverse characterization as well as key elements that have shaped the course and meaning
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Brave New World by Huxley

The author insists that the main theme is, Brave New World is not the advancement of science as such; it is the advancement of science as it affects individuals. According to the theme of this paper, scientific research is not all about good things or advantages but there are some little disadvantages attached to it.

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Compare and contrast essay brave new world and 1984
One would say that both of these books depict the future world as a dreary place within which to live because the means through which the hums society interacts within them is very different from what is the case today. The interaction between human beings has traditionally been the means of transmitting knowledge from one generation to another, but this is not the case because in these societies, the fact that humans are able to interact does not mean that they learn anything from one another.
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