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The Narrative Voices Between The Works of Lucine Finch and Gladys Marie Fry - Book Report/Review Example

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The report analyses the narrative voices between the works of Lucine Finch “A Sermon in Patchwork” and Gladys Marie Fry in "A Sermon in Patchwork: New Light on Harriet Powers". Both works popularize African American quilting, particularly revealing the depth of thoughts that it can convey…
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The Narrative Voices Between The Works of Lucine Finch and Gladys Marie Fry
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"The Narrative Voices Between The Works of Lucine Finch and Gladys Marie Fry"

Download file to see previous pages The narration of Gladys Marie Fry in "A Sermon in Patchwork: New Light on Harriet Powers" is more of the third-person objective. In this narration, she just simply described the characters of Harriet Powers. This is evidenced when she described the personality and the achievements of the African-American quilter. Among these facts is that her life has been a subject of an off-broadway play by Grace Valeri with a title “Quilting the Sun”. Although Fry mentioned some personal things about her such as describing her as “an artist with a considerable power and ingenuity and worthy of critical attention that she received”, Fry did not delve into the subject's emotions neither did she voiced out her own thoughts and emotions. The narration was purely descriptive which therefore falls under the “third-person objective” voice. In contrast, Lucine Finch played the “editorial commentator” in her essay “A Sermon in Patchwork”. The editorial commentator is one of the paths that an author may take under the third-person omniscient narrative voice. In the editorial commentator style, “the author’s persona has a distinct attitude toward the story’s characters and events, and frequently comments on them”. Lucine Finch descrValerie work by first saying that it was made by “an aged Negro woman, who put into it the reverence, the fantastic conception of sacred events, and the passion of imagination of her people”. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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