Representation - Making Sense of Society - Essay Example

The researcher of the essay "Representation - Making Sense of Society" aims to analyze the novel "Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka, which vividly illustrates the boundary between the ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ helping readers to distinguish these two worlds…
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Representation - Making Sense of Society
Download file to see previous pages The contextual transformations challenge the traditional boundaries between the ‘thinkable’ and the ‘unthinkable’ showing that our understanding and world perception is based on "beliefs and practices… which functions as a pervasive technology of control". Growth and metamorphosis are the unifying themes in the novel; out of which, is formed, the fully reconstituted spiritual knowledge and power of the ‘normal’ vs ‘abnormal’. The work of literature stipulates this boundary and shows the reader that their understanding depends upon cultural stereotypes and background. To some extent, the boundary between the ‘thinkable’ and the ‘unthinkable’ is purely based on the reader’s acceptance or rejection of a reality, that determines the level of the authors, evolution, and transformation of the heroes: “it must have been a month since Gregor’s metamorphosis, and there was certainly no particular reason anymore for his sister to be astonished at Gregor’s appearance”. Metamorphosis symbolizes that people are surrounded by an unknown world, which they try to master and subdue; but in reality, they are caught by their own prejudices and superstitions that prevent them experiences in the world around. People believe that transformations are impossible, but in the character of Gregor, Kafka, we see portrayed, that this anomaly can happen, under certain conditions through the metaphor of language and prose. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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