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This review discusses an excellent career as an actor and a writer of William Shakespeare. He has always been regarded to be the king in the field of literature in England because of the legacy. In the play, the main theme that the author tries to show and to teach on is that self-knowledge…
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Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare
Download file to see previous pages William Shakespeare has reached so many people through his work of art and many have improved their language and vocabulary. He has always been regarded to be the king in the field of literature in England because of the legacy that he left while he was alive (William 2008). When outlining this work of art of the late William Shakespeare, it is important to define to define certain terms that the author has used in the text, but cannot be noticed by the nonprofessional readers. These people do not go into the deeper meaning of a phrase but rather just sees it as an overview. It is important to note that when it comes to the definition of terms as used by an author, literary should give it a duo meaning. This is because the literature authors do use literature devices when passing their information to the public. In the definition of self-knowledge, this is the ability to acknowledge you, appreciating yourself as you are, accepting and appreciating the presence of others and working together with them for the better in society. As it is always known, literature reflects all that happens in society. It, therefore, means that literature is like a mirror and a store for society (William 2008). It is important to highlight that self-knowledge is an important factor that calls for proper evaluation of the people around you and you personally. It calls for self-actualization when dealing with people of different backgrounds, races, or class. The message that the author tries to tell the people is on the adoption of the human heart that Jesus Christ to the living souls on the earth. The gift of love, that we should have and show it to other people (William 2008). In the play, the main theme that the author tries to show and to teach on is that self-knowledge is required and necessary in the view that appearance is not reality. The theme in the play can as well be associated with a proverb that says that not all that glitters is gold. In the play, we are introduced to Benedick and Beatrice are truth-blind do not see things in an actual way. This is the main couple in the play. The two see things differently. It is important to note that the truth does not always show itself where there are deception and fiction. In the play, Benedick and Beatrice think that they are in a strong love relationship. The truth of the matter is that they are not in love but rather deceives each other. They cannot see this and the truth is quite clear in the play as it is shown that the two in many cases find themselves in many burst ups. Love is a strong natural feeling that can show itself and the parties involved can clearly see this. It is therefore important to highlight that the two, Benedick and Beatrice never had self-knowledge and could not tell the true feelings of each other towards the other (William 2008).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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