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Similarities and Differences of Themes, Language of Three Texts - Term Paper Example

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The "Similarities and Differences of Themes, Language of Three Texts" paper compares the three texts sonnet 18 by Shakespeare, six characters in search of an author by Pirandello and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K Rowling which belong to three different sub-divisions of literature…
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Similarities and Differences of Themes, Language of Three Texts
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Extract of sample "Similarities and Differences of Themes, Language of Three Texts"

Download file to see previous pages Sonnet 18 is a beautiful depiction of the poet’s feelings for his friend/beloved. Initially, he compares him with summer as the freshness and beauty of summer reminds him of his friend. However, as the poem proceeds, it is observed that towards the end he is talking about the immortality of his friend. The sonnet begins with a question and throughout the poem the poet his answering his own question. The poem comprises of three quartets and a couplet. The rhyme scheme of the sonnet is AB AB CD CD EF EF GG. Hence the pattern of this sonnet is similar to the rest of Shakespearean sonnets.

The diction of the sonnet is simple however it is observed that Shakespeare makes use of imagery and metaphors to depict his love for his friend. Weather imagery is a recurring image throughout the poem. The poet uses weather imagery to draw a contrast between the temporary existence of the summer season and the strong relationship of permanence and stability that he shares with his beloved. In this sonnet, the summer is being personified as it is being compared with the man.

‘The eye of heaven’ is the metaphoric representation of the sun. The poet uses the metaphor of the sun to explain the readers his eternal love for his beloved. Again he compares the rise and sunset and the occasional cloudy season which results in hiding the sun from the view to his never-ending love for his friend. His feelings for him are like the shining sun that will never set. Another metaphor that the poet uses is that of grafting towards the end of the poem. 

Another metaphor that the poet uses is that of grafting towards the end of the poem. He says, ‘in eternal lines to time thou growest’ this means that just as two plants are tied together so that they would grow as one, his depiction of love for his beloved has made his friend immortal as he has tied together time and his words of adoration and captured the moment. Hence now his beloved has become immortal as he would live in the memory of his readers. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Similarities and Differences of Themes, Language of Three Texts Term Paper - 1, n.d.)
Similarities and Differences of Themes, Language of Three Texts Term Paper - 1.
(Similarities and Differences of Themes, Language of Three Texts Term Paper - 1)
Similarities and Differences of Themes, Language of Three Texts Term Paper - 1.
“Similarities and Differences of Themes, Language of Three Texts Term Paper - 1”.
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