Andrew Jackson, a Defining President of United States - Essay Example

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“Every good citizen makes his country’s honor his own; one cherishes it not only as precious but sacred. He is willing to risk his life in its defense and it’s conscious that he gains protection while he gives it.”1 This is a quote by Andrew Jackson which reflected his views as an American citizen, as a military leader and as a president…
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Andrew Jackson, a Defining President of United States
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Download file to see previous pages Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United Sates. Born on the fifteenth day of March 1767, Andrew Jackson grew up as a responsible citizen in the United States. Through out his life, he had numerous accomplishments with his biggest being the president of the United States. Apart from being an inspiring politician who held numerous different political positions before he became the president, he was a strong military leader. Andrew Jackson’s time as the United States president marked a turning point in the American history. He is believed to have made stronger the power of the presidency and defended the union2. He gained a new respect for the state in foreign affairs and established democracy within the country. Born from a poor background and orphaned in his youth, he became the first westerner and the first self-made person to move up to the White House. He founded the Democratic Party which stood out as a democratic symbol. He served a two term presidency and expanded executive powers. During his reign, Andrew Jackson changed the president’s role from being he chief administrator to being a popular tribune. Jackson entered the office with much expectation that he would transform the corrupt government and restore the finances of the state. To begin with, he replaced a ten percent of all government officers in place who had been very corrupt and always opposed him as the president. Andrew Jackson come in to power and initiated his slogan hat was title as “the principle of rotation in office”. However, many people had labeled it the spoil system. He kept watch on all government expenditure and any programs formulated for the governance of finance. A one point, Andrew Jackson voted a road bill that benefited one area of the country and did not improve the state’s defenses while it was very costly. The road bill had been approved by Congress as legislation as it had been a habit before Jackson came in. Prior to him, presidents could only vote legislation because they hoped it was unconstitutional. However, Jackson came up with a new principle of voting legislation as an issue of policy. His spending controls together with the increased revenues assisted Jackson o pay off the national debt. This made US a debt free nation for as long as he remained in power3. As part of hi reforms, Jackson supported removing Indian tribes from the United States and sent them to the west Mississippi River. He argued that the U.S policy of assimilating Indian tribes into the American society had failed and that it would destroy the Indian culture and ways of life. In addition to this, Jackson found out that the whites had a desire on the Indian lands. He therefore feared that if the whites remained in the areas they would finally get wiped out. His removal policy was strongly fought by his opposition groups which failed at the end. Jackson remained against the corrupt government which, after the end of his reign, the Indians where removed from their lands with great loss of Indian life. This was caused by inadequate supplies, corruption and he removal of a great number of Indians by force. Today, his Indian removal policy and its consequences that resulted to a trail of tears is the most prominent blight on Jackson’s presidential legacy. Andrew Jackson turned his attention o the issue that defined his presidency and shaped the office that he held. By the end of 1816, he United States Congress babbled the second United States bank for a period of twenty years which held the country’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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