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Date: 1. The “Sick rose” and the “London” were the poems written by William Blake. Both the poems are in the book named as “Songs of Experience” by poet himself. As the part of same book, they are related to each other in theme also…
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, love has also an infectivity within itself which is ultimately the causes of its death. Worm can also be regarded as corruption that is polluting the society. Corruption itself is created by society. Also like infection present in the rose corruption also destroys the cause of its birth; that is society. In the poem “London”; corruption is a destroyer same as worm in the poem “Sick Rose”. In London poet William Blake is presenting a society which is dominated by dark forces like materialism. Poem is giving a negative image of society. Corruption is the same as infection that is present in the society and continuously harming it. Society itself has this infection just like rose plant had infection that lead to its death in the poem “Sick rose”. Society gets killed by infection of corruption. Same as rose is not aware of the situation and what is happening to it; people suffering from this infection of corruption do not know about their own situation; that they are being killed by the disease. Society just like rose is a beauty which is destroyed badly by the poison created by its own self. Book of experience was written in the time when there were revolutions regarding awareness rising. William Blake tried to make aware the people about the disease of corruption which was about to destroy them. 2. Poet Coleridge is very passionate about using symbolism in his poetry. All character names in Kubla Khan were taken from names of real persons and places associated to these characters. On reading the poem one feels that the poet has taken things from our world, take significance out of them and then placed them in his own world of fantasy. The character of Kubla Khan is a character which is struggling all over his life. With others and there is a fight within himself. Past lustful relations and cruelty of his ancestors is the major reason for this inner fight. In this fight there are some points where Kubla Khan feels to be trapped. This is represented by the walls and towers in the poem. Poets sketches Kubla Khan as king that can do anything with cruelty of ancestors present in his blood yet there is a continuous urge of love in this ruler. Kubla Khan when looks for love in his past life there is all lust present in his life. There is a woman present in the past of Kubla Khan that had a lustful relation with him. Kubla Khan searches for peace in his mind and heart but fails every time. His quest for peace continues represent as caves that cannot be measured by man and sunless oceans in the poem continue. Passed experiences also warned Kubla that same things that happened in past can happen again. It was a miracle that he found a woman that he can love and not lust for. Woman is represented by words sunny pleasure-dome and caves of ice represent the happiness and calmness Kubla Khan had in mind and heart after achieving her. Kubla wants to protect this feeling of peace and revel in it. 3. Romanticism is the natural phenomenon on which the entire world is based ultimately. To show her character the monster also had feelings and was in a state of unrestrained emotional experiences writer Shelly used poetic aspect of the monster she had created. Problem occurred when it was attempted to gain knowledge by lead character beyond accepted human limits. This urge of getting knowledge and creativity of the lead character leads to the death of all dear ones related to him. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Litterature/Poem Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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