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The book Brave New World was written by Aldous Huxley in the year 1932. However, it is set way much more in the future. In his novel, Huxley makes the readers aware of what he thinks might happen in the coming decades…
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Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Extract of sample Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Download file to see previous pages He writes the story of a fictional time when no one believes in anything but science, which does all the work and fulfills all their needs; they do not have to pray for a better life. Considering Huxley’s predictions of the world in the future, the readers cannot help but wonder to what extent the writer has managed to get them right, how much the future thought up by an imaginative mind matches that of the reality.
The idea behind hypnopaedia “implies hypnosis, and it is typically claimed that learning only occurs when ‘suggestible’” (Fromm and Shor 176). It is commonly known as the art through which new material enters an individual’s mind through the process of repetition – is greatly used throughout the book. It is a way to allow the peoples’ stress to disappear, making them almost like robots by having a complete influence over their minds. If they were satisfied with their lot in their life then they would not bother wondering over why exactly all the emotions that they experienced were always positive but never sad or frustrating. Anything that would make them stop and think and – maybe – rebel. As explained by Bob Barr, “by using the power of technology to deliver pleasure and a sense of stability and security to its subjects, the government in Huxley’s vision could actually minimize the use of force to coerce the populace; thereby also disguising what it is in fact doing” (Barr 849).
There is a whole variety to choose from depending on how far exactly the person wants to go. Often we hear about someone experiencing extreme emotions – either good or bad – and then getting drunk on alcohol just because they cannot bear it. If taken in limited and careful amounts, the consumption of either of the two – drugs or alcohol – is not dangerous. However, once a person loses track and becomes an addict as the phrase is, it could lead to the individual greatly harming himself as he is no longer in his senses to realize the difference between right and wrong. But, the one good thing about the real world is that these substances are not just handed around, like, in the United Kingdom, there are “the Medicines Act 1968 and the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971” (Bennett and Holloway 3). There are certain laws that are passed to ensure trying to keep the damage as little as possible. In the countries where drinking alcohol is not banned, they have a minimum age that a person has to be to be permitted to have a drink. They need to show their identification cards to confirm their age before they are allowed to buy alcohol. This is because they believe the individual is old enough to be responsible for himself and the decisions he makes when he has reached that age – usually of sixteen years and above. Buying drugs is not that easy, a prescription is often required when they are needed for medicinal purposes. Otherwise, most people have to get their hands on some through other means. But they are not considered to be acceptable in most societies so the consumption is relatively lesser than it could have been if it had been openly been made available and encouraged of like “soma” is in the book. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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