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Shakespear's Play Macbeth: Who killed Duncan - Essay Example

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This essay discusses the "Macbeth" play, one of the Shakespeare’s works largely associated with murder. This paper also seeks to present more clearly the idea of Duncan’s death, drawing evidence from the play’s main themes as the unique characterization…
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Shakespears Play Macbeth: Who killed Duncan
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Shakespear's Play Macbeth: Who killed Duncan

Download file to see previous pages... The essay "Shakespear's Play Macbeth: Who killed Duncan?" seeks to present more clearly the idea of Duncan’s death, drawing evidence from the play’s main themes as the unique characterization. The setting of the play is in Scotland, whereby during that time Duncan was the ultimate king. Scotland people are in a war with the Norwegians. First, Macbeth is a great military hero. Associating himself with the three witches, Macbeth gets a prophecy that he will be the next King of Scotland. He takes this idea positively with greatness, which contributes to the sequence of events throughout the entire play. The witches are somehow responsible for introducing all these ideas by ensuring Macbeth that he will be the Scotland’s king. The witches did this by saying “All hail Macbeth, hail to thee Thane of Cawdor”, and also when they say “All hail Macbeth that shalt be the king thereafter”. The witches as worship to Macbeth, they do plant a seed that grows, Causing Duncan’s death, and Macbeth’s destruction. During the Elizabethan time, the prophecies of witches were commonly acceptable as real. In the first Act, scene five of the play, the character of Lady Macbeth comes out clearly. This depicts itself when she receives a letter from Macbeth; her first thought is to kill King David. “Hie thee hither, that I may pour my spirits into thine ear”. She is eager to meet Macbeth so that she can talk to him about the King Duncan’s murder. Lady Macbeth worries about the Macbeth heart, which is full of human kindness. During this time, Lady Macbeth is putting her thought on definitely becoming a King and trying to feature out the greatness that this will bring. Although she is aware of the Macbeth’s weakness of human kindness, she knows well that after manipulation of her powers, this will bring a fabulous success. Her full determination to become a queen is evident when she refers to “the raven” who “himself is hoarse”. Because she knows that the audience will realize that she is planning to kill King Duncan, she requests the spirits to oppose her nature by saying, “unsex me here”, abandoning all her femininity (Shakespeare and Braunmuller 125). Lady Macbeth is arrogant, vicious and thinks less about the killing of King Duncan. This depicts the fact that she does not have any sense of what is morality, but instead she presents herself as immoral. She even thinks that it is a moral idea to commit murder and kill King Duncan when she says, “Wouldst thou have that which thou esteem’st the ornament of life, and live a coward in thine own esteem” (Shakespeare and Braunmuller 103). She tells Macbeth not to commit murder saying that it would be a horrible event according to him. Further, she advises that the act would to a large extend present him as a coward. She uses her manipulation techniques to make Macbeth look somehow weak. It is her hope that, Macbeth will respond to this matter by doing the opposite so that he can maintain his strength, and psychological. By doing this, her plans will be successful because Macbeth will succeed in carrying out her ruthless plans. After commitment of the murderous act, she remains very calm, and she later questions Macbeth to go back to the murder scenario. However, Macbeth gives a negative response causing her to act lonely. Lady Macbeth takes everything in her own hands without any fear and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Manipulation and Regret in Macbeth

The author states that Lady Macbeth motivates her husband to do things he will eventually regret. Throughout the play she plants ideas in his head and causes him to commit murder in order to acquire the throne. The beginning of Act 3, Scene 2 provides a glimpse into their relationship. Lady Macbeth is a cunning and manipulative character.

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It is best noted for the phrase “unsex me here”. There are a many requests that seek to empower the ethereal and malicious force. The common theme is the renaissance drama, whereby Shakespeare says that Macbeth is an all round character, she is compared to a manly presence, because she is unequivocally for a physical varying of her character, specifically her menstruation cycle.
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Macbeth had a wife, by the name of Lady Macbeth. The story also depicted three (3) witches who used to provide prophesies of what would happen in Scotland. Lady Macbeth was a very ambitious woman as compared to Macbeth. When the three (3) witches approach Macbeth, they told him that they had foreseen that he would be the next King of Scotland.
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