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The paper "Critical Analysis of Marcus Brutus in Julius Caesar" highlights that through Shakespeare’s portrayal of Brutus’s character the irony of human reality can be effectively understood i.e. through his character the readers realize that human beings are a contradictory mix of good and bad virtues…
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Critical Analysis of Marcus Brutus in Julius Caesar

Extract of sample Critical Analysis of Marcus Brutus in Julius Caesar

Download file to see previous pages The universality of Shakespeare’s characterization is aptly described by Paris when he says that, “Literature embodies perceptions that are under or before language that is not yet analyzed, realized in institutions or perhaps even understood” (20). In other words, Shakespeare’s characters were created in a time when the field of psychology was still under the process of finding its footing in the world of education. However, it was literature and the genius mind of Shakespeare that helped the world be initiated into the world of human psychology. Julius Caesar is a play set in the Roman times; it is about power dynamics and the world of politics. However, the play’s plot and setting only acts as a platform for Shakespeare to explore and present the readers with a keen insight into human behaviors, jealousies, insecurities and lust for power. Interestingly, Shakespeare places the character of Brutus as a tragic hero in the play. This is a similar technique that he employs in Macbeth as well since it is observed that like Macbeth, the audience is unable to fully hate Brutus for his actions. Moreover, the confusing dialogues which highlight his negative and positive qualities are a source of constant confusion for the readers, and it does not help them in making a definite point of view about him, his character, and his actions. The various sides of Brutus’ characters that are depicted in the play include Brutus as a husband, father, a successful leader, an opponent, and a loving friend. However, the projection of his tragic flaws is more focused on the basis of Brutus as a successful leader and opponent and a friend. Moreover, all his soliloquies and dialogues rather than solve the mystery of his true nature or character, only result in confusing the readers a little more as his character and action appear to be contradicting one another. In the play, Antony calls Brutus the “Noblest Roman” (58); this title aptly describes one of the best qualities of Brutus, i.e. he is a man of conviction who believes in his principles and based on his judgment he leads his life. Furthermore, it is observed that according to Agarwalla, “Brutus alone of all the tragic heroes of Shakespeare acts from the conviction of being right” (94). Nevertheless, this is Brutus’s impression of the world while on the inside, he remains a mortal who has his demons to deal with and his fair share of dilemmas and turmoil, which he tries to deal with throughout the course of the play. As it is observed from the lines when he says, Cassius, Be not deceived: if I have veil'd my look, I turn the trouble of my countenance Merely upon myself. Vexed I am Of late with passions of some difference, Conceptions only proper to myself, Which give some soil perhaps to my behaviors; But let not therefore my good friends be grieved-- Among which number, Cassius, be you one-- Nor construe any further my neglect, Than that poor Brutus, with himself at war, Forgets the shows of love to other men. (10) These lines project a man of fewer words and more action. Although regardless of him being a noble individual, yet when he says, “that poor Brutus, with himself at war,” he foreshadows his ensuing actions and decisions later in the play, and his current battle with his inner demons. Ribner believes that Julius Caesar is based on the tradition of an English morality play with a tragic hero as he, Is faced with a choice ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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