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Friendship in Julius Caesar - Essay Example

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Therefore, it is creditable to note that friendship is an imperative part of life. Nonetheless, friendship can be harnessed to…
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Friendship in Julius Caesar
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Extract of sample "Friendship in Julius Caesar"

Friendship in Julius Caesar The setting of the play “The Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare was in ancientRome, just after Caesar has overpowered his antagonist Pompey. Therefore, it is creditable to note that friendship is an imperative part of life. Nonetheless, friendship can be harnessed to deceive, for it is easy to influence with it. Captivatingly, a “true friendship” is the only one that cannot be subjugated, even after death. In relation to that Cassius and Brutus, have used their friendship and the other schemer to their benefit, and to Caesar’s weakness. However, Antony unlike his friend show his complete devoutness to Caesar when he was call by Caesar, and he responded to "Here, my lord.” Subsequently, the Caesar’s conspirator that is Cassius, Decius and Brutus had used their friendship as concealment to blind Caesar from the truth. Since, Caesar was predisposed to the power of amity just as any other ordinary person this blinded him thus making him unable to understand the reality as it was. For instances, Decius, who is one of the Caesar‘s schemers, came to Caesar’s house, and the first thing that he said was “Caesar, all hail! Good morrow, worthy Caesar."(2.2. 58-59). Decius perceives Caesar as "most mighty" and this made Caesar become even more comfortable with Decius.
Conversely, it was through this that Caesar‘s conspirators were able to plan for the killing of Caesar. Brutus, Decius and, Cassius knew that by ascertaining Caesar that they had solid friendship him this will give them a chance to lure Caesar. For that reason, Brutus, Decius and, Cassius decided to use their excellent established relationship with Caesar in an utterly deceiving manner, in order to ‘exterminate’ him. Hence, Decius a friend to Caesar was able to start this plan by using sycophancy and swift wit in order to trick and persuades Caesar into going to the congress house, in spite of the factual that Caesar’s wife know as Calpurnia had dreams of Caesars homicide the night-time before. Still, Decius was able to his own conspiracy to convinces to Caesar that, “This dream is all amiss interpreted; it was a vision fair and fortunate”( 2.2. 83-84). Moreover, Decius continue to convinces his friend Caesar by misinterpreted the dream as he told him that dream was a noble one and that it was through him that Rome would be invigorated into an inordinate city once more (Shakespeare, 28). Interestingly, Caesar was very delighted with Decius’s interpretation of his wife dream, and this excitement had delighted him so much that to the extent that he would not deliberate twice about heading to the Senate house in Capitol. Thus, Caesar‘s schemers, had, in fact, managed to accomplish the first part of their trickery, and they had accomplished this by ill-using their friendship with Caesar.
Nevertheless, Antony was infuriated by the bereavement of Caesar since he was a real pal to Caesar, and this made him find a way of revenge on Caesar‘s plotters. Thus, after a short-lived time in which he grieved for Caesar, Antony indicated to the schemers, "Friend am I with you all, and love you all.”( Shakespeare, 3.1.220). It was through this Antony formulated his first steps on the road toward exacting his retaliation, by tricking Caesar‘s schemers. Consequently, Antony uses his inordinate ability to persuade Brutus to let him give the eulogy at Caesar’s burial, and Brutus discerning that Antony is now their acquaintance, approves with barely any hesitancy. Then when Antony does get to the podium in order to give Caesar’s eulogy, he turns on the schemers and uses his prudent words in order to agitate the people into a homicidal frenzy.
In conclusion, the theme of friendship was unfolding all through the entire play, and it nearly reformed into a subject of conspiracy, since the characters had used their friendships for their personal interest. Subsequently, Caesar’s friends were able to succeed in their mission since Caesar’s main faintness was the circumstance that he treasured obsequiousness, and his plotters knew this hence using it to gain his friendship and confidence. For that reason, people should cherry-pick their friends cautiously, since your best associate could, in fact, be your most horrible enemy.
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