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A Metaphor for Deaths and Destruction in the Field of Life and Creation - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes ‘death’ as a theme that is a complicated one to be explored from an existential perspective, Hemingway’s narrative technique and style render death as a nascent idea in his story. Hemingway’s protagonist, Harold Krebs, live in a ‘death-in-life’ situation…
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A Metaphor for Deaths and Destruction in the Field of Life and Creation
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Extract of sample "A Metaphor for Deaths and Destruction in the Field of Life and Creation"

Download file to see previous pages Traditionally, ‘war’ is considered as something in which a soldier’s heroism is to kill the enemies. In other words, ‘heroism in war’ means bringing death for others. In ‘Soldier’s Home’, Hemingway has not spent even a single line about Krebs’s so-called heroism as a soldier. The narrator simply tells that the heroism that Krebs wants to tell other are mere ‘atrocities’: “His town had heard too many atrocity stories to be thrilled by actualities” (Hemingway 144). The ‘atrocity stories’ are the stories of killing bravely. But soon Krebs learns that the bravery to kill in a war is rather useless in his hometown where people are busy in their lives. So in order to “be listened” Krebs has to “lie, and after he had done this twice he, too, had a reaction against the war and against talking about it” (Hemingway 144). Such realization takes away the only solace that a soldier counts on after returning from war. Though the ennui and pessimism in Krebs’s life seem to begin here, its real source lies in his participation in the war. On one hand, his identity as a soldier fails to bring him status and recognition in society. On the other hand, his status takes him close to death and destruction. Since as a soldier he has participated in the destruction, he can no longer have any interest in life. He has seen death very closely. He has seen “German women found chained to machine-gun in the Argonne forest” (Hemingway 144). Indeed Krebs’s perception about death as the ultimate truth of human life makes him so disinterested in life. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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