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The Life and Struggles of Anne Sexton - Research Paper Example

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The study "The Life and Struggles of Anne Sexton" will begin with the statement that people either love poetry or they hate it. Some are intrigued by the ability a poet has to put together rhymes or find the exact word that helps a poem flow with the rest of the words already written…
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The Life and Struggles of Anne Sexton
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Extract of sample "The Life and Struggles of Anne Sexton"

Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that Anne Gray Harvey Sexton is one such poet who was able to write poetry and plays that touched people. She was a prolific writer until her tragic death. Anne Sexton was born in Newton, Massachusetts in 1928. Her father was a woolen manufacturer and an alcoholic. He was very abusive and Sexton's biographer suggests that she was sexually abused by her father. Her mother was a writer but found it difficult to hone her craft because of the stress that her husband's alcoholism brought to the family. Because her family was emotionally absent and dysfunctional, Anne sought solace with her great aunt "Nana" who lived with the family; her aunt eventually had to be hospitalized. This caused problems for Sexton because between her family and Nana she felt abandoned for much of her life and this caused her to think about suicide. She would state later that she always felt hostility coming from her family. Sexton had a variety of problems with school. She did not like being there and some of her teachers felt she needed counseling because of these problems. She eventually was sent to a private boarding school where she started what would become her writing career. From the boarding school, she went onto a finishing school and eventually went on to college. Anne married a man that went to the same college and they started life as a couple in love. Her husband later enrolled in the war in Korea and she became a fashion model. She did not hold a degree but later was honored with several "honorary" degrees. The first time she went to therapy was because of "infidelities" that she committed while her husband was away. She had many lovers during that time and she slipped into chronic depression. She eventually had children whom she would abuse when she was in her depressive states. Sexton attempted suicide repeatedly and eventually had several times when she was institutionalized and often had to stop school. Her therapist suggested that she start to write about her mental illness as a way to help others who may have the same problems. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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