Kaffir Boy: Abuse of Power - Assignment Example

Instructor: Kaffir Boy: Abuse of Power This autobiography by Mark Mthabane portrays a young man in the midst of poverty who refuses to settle for less. It is one of the publications that got much attention because of its position on the apartheid system in South Africa which denied many African kids equal opportunity in life which Winkle (p 15) analyses…
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Kaffir Boy: Abuse of Power
Download file to see previous pages This review of Kaffir boy will explore the theme of abuse of power that was being practiced by the minority white regime as well as other likeminded African loyalists. The authors’ purpose in this 56-chapter publication was to highlight the stereotypes that were coming out the racist regime whereby the system brought about social ills and apathy such as poverty hunger, violence as well as death. As a matter of fact, the author quotes that “a few months before I was born in sixty nine, black protestors were massacred-, many shot in the back as they fled for safety” (Mathabane(2) p, 5) . This shows the insensitivity that the regime and the white folks had towards the black native people. The power, which the government had, which was used to oppress the citizens was coming out of the goldmines and the immense resources that the country had (Krog, pp78). Through this, it was possible to intimidate the people since their economical prospects were impaired. Mthabane (504) on his part used the skills that he had to play his way into the scholarship that eventually saw him move out of the oppressive country. However, this is not possible were it not for the strong mother he had who toiled for the white people to see him in school (Schmoop University, 1). However, the regime plays a big role in intimidating Mark and his close relations but something in him makes him want to hold on to his dignity. Chapter three opens with a brutal police action against the author’s family in Alexandra whereby an invasion takes place in the Mbabane home. This is when mark sees a different side of his father who he had always feared- the weaker side. His father is helplessly intimidated by the policemen while he sees. Though he wants to cry, he fight back the tears (Mathabane (2)p, 82) an indication that his fighting spirit was inborn and was evident even from a small age. This spirit eventually was to see him join the tennis team and the rest as they say was to be history. The abuse of power ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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