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The Analysis of The Years of My Birth - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Analysis of "The Years of My Birth" The Years of My Birth by Louise Erdrich is a story about a white girl who was abandoned at birth by her mother. The reason of the abandonment was the presence of her twin brother and the complication she had at birth…
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The Analysis of The Years of My Birth
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Extract of sample "The Analysis of The Years of My Birth"

Download file to see previous pages Despite the fact that her new family gave her all the basic needs, and seemed to share her love, this girl was not fully contented with the life she was leading away from her real parents. Notably, the story pulls unexpected emotional impression, particularly as demonstrated at the twit ending of the story. Life away from ones real parents may lead the affected children to an unlucky and complicated life. Therefore, life led away from birth parents and family makes on to feel quite unfortunate in life. However, the abandoned children never lack total love from the persons around them. Nonetheless, children living away from their birth parents and families usually feel unfortunate despite the care and love they may be receiving from the adopting parents. Thematically, this paper asserts that children value the love of their parents and that of their entire family regardless of material support that may be lacking in such families. The partially orphaned character in the story The Years of My Birth by Louise Erdrich is a young girl named Tuff (Erdrich 3). Tuff’s mother abandoned her in a delivery room after her mother realized that she had some complications. She was afterwards adopted by a Native American nurse who gave her love, and the basic needs a child needs from the parent. Just like any child living a life away from her birth parents, Tuff felt less satisfied with love and care provided by her new parents, instead she felt unluckiest among the unlucky children. The story is actually a scroll of moral dilemma that reaps the society from its desired norms. Moreover, the script draws the puzzle for readers to examine and analyze their own lives. Additionally, the ending in a twist of the story where Tuff get the chance of meeting her family puts an emphasis to the readers, to critically analyze personal history by testing their present issues against their personal experience and insights. In her days of difficulty and apparently unsurvivable life, Tuff was gifted with foster parents who unceasingly natured and cared for her life. Despite all the efforts levied by the foster parent, Stuff makes some contradictory statement with an indication of unhappy life. She continues by saying, “I know that I was loved, because it was a complicated matter for Betty and Albert to claim me from the welfare system, though I had aided their efforts with my endless scream” (Erdrich 4). In her middle age, Tuff gets the chance to meet two members from her mother or birth family. She realizes that each of these individuals has their own dilemmas and needs their own peculiar way to complicate their lives. Despite the challenges that manifests in lives of each of the characters, it is apparent that they entirely make choices concerning their individual lives (Jorgensen 93). Each character makes a complicated choice that; however, leads them to a happy life. The story of each character is constructed around their personal feeling and on how they make a choice about their lives. However, the narrow judgment or the irrational way some of the individuals approach and make a decision about their lives, displays a contrasting and painful generosity among the majority. The straggle that everyone did make to succeed in life or in making, his or her lives better did not seem to have an effect in Tuff’s life. Tuff led a life full of regrets. She ever lamented upon the unsatisfying life she led. How she viewed, her life may not be typically how her life could have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“The Analysis of The Years of My Birth Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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