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Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich - Book Report/Review Example

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 This review discusses the story Louise Erdrich’s “Love Medicine,”  that provides us with impression about the life of Lipsha Morrissey, the protagonist and his search for identity that he attempts to explore through the ways of love and integrity among those relations…
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Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich
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Extract of sample "Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich"

Download file to see previous pages At the same time, it assures a reader about the fact that love is the most important aspect of life to identify and relish the feeling of fulfillment as human beings.
The element of hope is prevalent in the story and the optimism that has been reflected in the story has been churned from an interaction between the characters as well as through their actions. Lipsha Morrissey’s life, since his birth, was never a fairy tale story and he has been saved from her mother who wanted to kill him. In that way, he has never been lucky enough to feel the charm of parental love. However, under the guardianship of Grandma and Grandpa Kashpaw, he realized that love and that love is one of the main sources for him to make him feel that he is complete as a human being. As Grandpa Kashpaw achieved several things within his span of life always had a strong influence over Lipsha. However, since Grandpa’s mind was gradually failing it stated all the problems and conflicts but he never seemed to have any worry about that thing and it seems as if welcomed it, “I’m getting into my second childhood.” “I have been chosen for it. I couldn’t say no.” (Erdrich, 109) Though both Grandma and Grandpa never escaped from the bond of their mutual love during his momentary fit of lunacy, his elopement with Lulu Lamartine has never been appreciated by Grandma. Consequently, Lipsha was assigned with the responsibility to prepare a love medicine. (Erdrich, 116)
In the context of preparing love medicine for both of them, we not only see the dominance of hope in Lipsha’s quest but at the same time, conspicuous elements of Native American rituals have also been explicitly presented by the narrator. Presentation of such ritualistic elements has intentionally been introduced by the author to heighten the element of optimism in the story.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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