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The Character of Achilles in the Iliad - Essay Example

This makes Achilles extremely grievous and, having mourned his friend Patroclus, he changes his mind not to help the Greek troops and takes the field. In excessive fury, he kills lots of people seeking for Hector. Moreover, he even engages in a fight with Scamander, a god of the river where dead bodies of the Trojans were thrust by Achilles. Scamander does not defeat Achilles at the request of the goddesses that protect him. Eventually, Achilles finds his enemy Hector and kills him. He drags the body of his enemy in a dishonorable way, which brings him a feeling of satisfaction as he has finally got his vengeance. However, despite his harsh feelings, Achilles responds to the request of Hector’s father and allows Priam, the king of Troy, to bury him.
In the account provided above, one can definitely spot that Achilles is very emotional and that negative emotions dominate and guide his decisive actions. He, as it has been explicitly shown, displays an ability to finally reconcile with Agamemnon, he attends to the request of Priam, and he demonstrates unprecedented grief over the death of his beloved friend Patroclus. Yet, it seems neither of the actions in The Iliad that Achilles leads is performed without rage, which appears really inhuman. For instance, it is his rage that makes him kill 12 captives from Troja as a part of funeral games to honor the deceased Patroclus. In addition, when Agamemnon makes an attempt to reconcile, driven by rage and fury, Achilles refuses contrary to

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Furthermore, in Book IX of The Iliad, Phoenix tells Achilles that he was entrusted with teaching him: “To be a speaker of words and a doer of deeds”. As such, it is the view of the author that Phoenix is attempting to coax Achilles from the comfort of his own lifestyle, thoughts, and worldview into one of action and determination; equally confident in both thought and action as well as being able and ready to expound upon these through taking part in the battle or relating his thoughts into actionable and definable words to expound to others.
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This makes Achilles a demigod. Legend has it that Achilles was dipped into River Styx by his mother, in order to make Achilles indefatigable, but his heel was not dipped in water, and thereby making it his point of weakness. Just as Achilles heroic exploits make a larger part of an interesting read, so does his character.
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common sense.
This indirectly leads to the death of his friend Patroclus. The view that the character of Achilles remains undeveloped despite the fact that the hero sometimes displays the features that characterize his personality from the positive side, is based on the character’s final preoccupation with wrath. Just as The Iliad starts with the lines that describe the fury of Achilles, in the end Achilles is similarly fraught


This essay "The Character of Achilles in the Iliad" seeks to examine the failure to develop the character of Achilles through discussing a variety of points in The Iliad where this character underwent some changes and where he got back to his initial state.
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The Character of Achilles in the Iliad
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