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Ren, Madame Bovary - Essay Example

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Name of of Lecturer Course 21 December, 2011 Rene, Madame Bovary I. It is not unusual for students to interpret novels differently as people tend to view things from different angles. The onus then lies on the shoulders of the teacher to give a general perspective of a particular novel to these students in order to align their minds to the accepted school of thought…
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Ren, Madame Bovary
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Extract of sample "Ren, Madame Bovary"

Download file to see previous pages In bringing these points to bear in the heart of the students, there are certain passages that also need to be explained and analyzed and this shall also be elaborated in this paper. I would divide my lessons into three sections. This is due to the fact that, there are actually three generally accepted readings of the novel as I expect my students to reason in these three dimensions. Being a teacher, I am quite aware of the three basic approaches of the reading of the novel and this would form the basis of my lesson plan. The first approach is the autobiographical approach; I would first ask my student, if they believe that it was actually Rene Chateaubriand that wrote the novel by himself. This would help me to know, if the student can really read between the lines. I am aware that, there are certain passages that would make my students to imagine that, the story is actually a literary reflection of Chateaubriand’s life and this is what this lesson plan would seek to achieve. At the end of this lesson plan, the student would be able to tell whether or not the novel is an autobiography or not. The second section is to elaborate on whether or not, the novel is an allegory or not. There have been scholastic debate whether or not, the story is an allegory or not. ...
In this section, I would also be quick to show my students that the troubles that Rene faced in his violent birth that resulted in the death of his mother (Chateaubriand 169) is an allegory of the violent revolution of France, which also resulted in the birth or creation of a new France. The last section is the pre-existentialism of the novel. I would show my students the reasons that Chateaubriand set the way for the existentialist movement that came after the novel. I would explain to the students that, the novel shows the search of man for their identity and the reason for their existence. I would also ask my students, if they believe that, the novel is a religious one and their response would set the stage for the next lessons to follow. I believe that, if these lessons are followed to the letter, they would help me in making the students to understand the novel better. II “He could not keep from constantly touching her comb, her ring, her fichu; sometimes he gave her great sounding kisses with all his mouth on her cheeks, or else little kisses in a row all along her bare arm from the tip of her fingers up to her shoulder, and she put him away half-smiling, half-vexed, as you do a child who hangs about you.” (Flaubert 56). As a defense lawyer to Gustave Flaubert, I would try all that is within my power to defend him of writing a novel that has been termed as being immoral. I would start by stating that, the story is just a fiction story and as such, it does not in any way represent the true self of my client. This honorable court should know that, my client is not an immoral person and he wrote the novel to show the moral decadence in our society. This honorable court should also know that, as long as the world is a free ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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