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The Un-Invited Guest - Essay Example

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Client’s Name: Course: 16 December 2011 The rising rate of crime is a very serious issue which cannot be overlooked by any country. The rising rate of crime goes to show that the values instilled in children by their parents have been long forgotten. Each and every day there are numerous instances of crime taking place across the globe, No country is free from crime, it does matter where a person is, he/she is ought to witness a criminal activity be it on a small scale or for that matter on a large scale basis…
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The Un-Invited Guest
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Extract of sample "The Un-Invited Guest"

Download file to see previous pages “According to a United Nations report posted by MSNBC, the United States is the leading country in financial loss due to violent crimes; the cost estimated around 45 billion dollars. During a time of recession, this information sheds more light on the impact crime has on our society. Combined with the very real struggle law enforcement agencies face to retain employees and maintain budgets, the report signals a very serious factor degrading our communities.” (US Crime Affects Economy). US lead in terms of the financial loss incurred by a country because of criminal activities. There are so many gangs in the US which operate depending on the area which they are in; many a time gang wars take place to satisfy the egos of the members of various gangs. When a gang war or for that matter a crime takes place, it directly affects the economy of the country, this can be understood by an example, if a gang member attempts to kill a person in US, it will surely damage some property of either public or the private sector resulting in property damage, in addition to this the medical attention given towards the affected person will also be viewed as a financial loss to the economy because it was due to a senseless action, had it been because of a natural disaster then the case would have been different altogether but since it is because of a crime, it will also contribute towards the financial loss incurred by the economy of a country. Affects of Crime on the Salaries of Professionals From the above information it is very clear that US suffers the most from the criminal activities within the country. This also affects the salaries of professionals involved in dealing with the criminals. When the crime rate is high in a country, the government will be forced to train and recruit more policemen to deal with the situation and in this case again the country would suffer financial losses because of training and recruiting more policemen than actually required. The whole process of training and recruitment will cost millions of $ and hence the economy of the country will suffer. On the other hand if the crime rate is low in a country, the government need not spend so much on the salaries of policemen and the same money can be utilized to make sure that the economy of the country develops, in other words it can be spent on the welfare of the people. Same is the case with the salaries drawn by judges and other top officials who deal with criminals, higher the rate of crime in a country, the more financial losses the country will face. Affects of Crime on the person Harmed A criminal activity changes the life of a person who has been affected by it forever. He/she gets into serious trouble, for instance if the crime committed is an attempt to murder, it may require immediate medical attention which would surely cost a hefty amount of money to the harmed person. So the first aspect is the financial aspect, the harmed person loses a lot of money for no mistake of his/her. The medical attention alone will cost so much that it becomes too much to afford for some people and in addition to it the cost of the medicines required for recovery will also cost the harmed person very dearly. The next important point is the mental balance of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Un-Invited Guest Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“The Un-Invited Guest Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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