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Alex on Everything is Illuminated - Research Paper Example

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Alex on Everything is Illuminated Outline Paragraph 1: Introduction Paragraph 2: The Significance of Alex’s Character Paragraph 3: From Alex’s Americanized Self to Real Identity Paragraph 4: From Limitation of Understanding to Awareness of History Paragraph 5: From Alex’s Dream of Going to America to Just Stay to Fulfill His Responsibilities Paragraph 6: Development of His Character Paragraph 7: Conclusion Alex in “Everything is Illuminated” is a character who has ended a childish dream to the coming of the rite passage of becoming one responsible adult…
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Alex on Everything is Illuminated
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Extract of sample "Alex on Everything is Illuminated"

Download file to see previous pages The reason why I’ve chosen Alex’s character is because of the important role he has played in the novel though the story has revolved around Jonathan’s search for his grandfather’s life. Alex Perchov, a young man in his 20’s, has served as Jonathan’s tour guide all throughout his quest for Augustine, a woman may or may have not possibly saved the life of Jonathan’s grandfather. His importance in the story is because according to Rodriguez, Foer has used the dual structure in order to highlight the contrasting point of views of Jonathan and Alex (57). For me, it is important to note the context where they have come from like that Alex is from Ukraine which makes him have a different perspective with that of Jonathan from America. They are two different people with two distinct beliefs. As Rodriguez has added, Alex holds to an idea of time which is not the same as Jonathan’s (58). Thus, this enables the readers to grasp an understanding about Alex in a light different than Jonathan. Readers can gauge insightful thoughts from Alex that is not provided by Jonathan due to the differences of their context. With his dream of going to America, Alex has created his “Americanized” self-image but the illumination has made him forget about that image for his real identity. He has his self-created “Americanized” image such as his imagination of his girls, of his promiscuity, and other lies because these make Alex feel as if he is a premium person (Foer 114). Indeed, he sees the American culture as something cool, well, premium in his words. Also, he brags everything he knows. He talks more about himself than what Jonathan expects from him through their exchange of letters. He talks more and more about American pop culture. It can be observed that at first, Alex is always boasting about himself even if those he is telling are already bunches of lies. But as their search for Augustine goes, the history has slowly unfolded itself. His honest side shows off for the reason that he somehow understands the deeper meaning of his identity. Gradually, his identity is revealing itself to him because of his family’s history way back the World War II. This gradual revelation of his identity slowly illuminates him and slowly makes him a responsible man. Alex’s way to maturity is also marked by his development from limitation of understanding to awareness of history. Alex is more than a tour guide himself because he has also attended as a translator and a writer in his amusingly incorrect way of communicating in English. He is seen to be limited in his manner of speaking in English. When Jonathan corrects him, he does not get what the American writer is trying to imply. As for Rodriguez, he is illustrated by Foer as one man who is trapped in language who cannot execute an accurate manner of communicating in English (61). The way Alex thinks is also limited for the reason that he does not reflect something deeper unlike Jonathan does. But as the story progresses, the developments in Alex’s character is because Jonathan’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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