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Tertullian's Depiction of Women - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Task Date Refuting Response to Tertullian’s Depiction of Women Tertullian tries to criticize women’s dressing from a biblical perspective. Some of his arguments are meaningful while others are illogic. This paper seeks to respond to his depiction of women and aims at refuting them…
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Tertullians Depiction of Women
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Extract of sample "Tertullian's Depiction of Women"

Download file to see previous pages In fact, not all women commit the sin as Eve did, as some conduct themselves in very admirable manners. Moreover, in modern world, this assertion cannot be practical. Women undertake various daily tasks, including attending various places that require different dressing codes. These places could be jobs, funerals, weddings and other social and economic forums, which come in with different dress codes. It would, therefore, be wrong to say women should consistently dress in mourning dresses when attending these functions. Further, to say the manner in which women dress brings temptations contrary to what God expects might be a true assertion, but generalization is not a suitable way of tackling the matter as there are many women who dress decently despite not having dressed mourning clothes. Generally though, women ought to dress humbly and courteously. Women should be dependent on their husbands and let men be lords over them, so said the Holy Book. This, however, is not the case in the modern world where women share the same work force in the labor industry and even rise to top positions. It is not astonishing in this era to identify a woman serving in a higher position than her husband and subsequently earning a higher salary (Miller 2003). Some men are, in fact, jobless at home while their wives labor daily. This contradicts the condition provided that women should be dependent on men. ...
It has to go beyond the home precincts. However, it is still practical and important for women to bow before their husbands as this is a sign of humbleness and submission. The assertion that ‘women are Eve’ can be true, but it stands criticism. While Eve was, indeed, the first woman on earth and all other women are in her lineage, it is not in all instances acceptable to claim that women are Eve. Eve had her distinct life and in an earthly setting different from what other women faces each day. Their lives cannot, therefore, be compared. Even in biblical terms, each individual shall be judged alone and not according to lineages. Eve was the gateway of the devil as she unsealed the curse of the tree in the middle of the garden and disobeyed the divine law. Further, she led man into disobeying God hence destroying the image of God. While she did all these evil acts, these condemnations cannot be placed upon all women as each woman is given her unique life which comes along with different challenges from those Eve faced. These challenges are received differently, with some women responding the same way Eve did, though others manage to overcome them admirably in such a manner as to please God. In acceptance, beauty is a gift from divine nature to an individual and man is concerned with the desire of beauty. Beauty can be regarded to as both a vice and a virtue depending with the case scenario. Beauty can be dangerous when it drives one into desire, a sin that is equally punished as sexual intercourse biblically. Natural beauty should, therefore, be respected and appreciated but preparation of false and artificial beauty must be discarded. It, however, raises questions to say that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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