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The show is named after its host Rachel Maddow, who is a middle aged woman. She has a boy cut hairstyle and is dressed in a simplistically stylish grey suit. Rachel Maddow is openly gay, her image on…
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Women Psychology: Media Depictions of Women - News assignment
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[Teacher’s Psychology Women Psychology: Media Depictions of Women The show that will be analyzed in this paper is the Rachel Maddow Show. The show is named after its host Rachel Maddow, who is a middle aged woman. She has a boy cut hairstyle and is dressed in a simplistically stylish grey suit. Rachel Maddow is openly gay, her image on television is confident, egotistic and one might even consider it as masculine. This in a way gives the false impression that for one to be active in politics he or she has to be tough and possess masculine qualities. The show is produced by Bill Wolff, who is the vice president who of MSNBC.
The show that was analyzed is the after math of the 2012 presidential election. The reports were centered on the election campaign and the reasons for the democrats’ victory and the republicans’ loss. Rachel goes into depth about the Republican Party’s view on abortion, and how it is against the procedure even in extreme situations such as rape. All the people interviewed in this section were Republican men who emphasized on the fact that rape isn’t a legitimate reason for women to abort. All the men that were interviewed in this segment lost a seat in the election.
Several women were featured in this show. The show talks about Elizabeth Warren’s victory over Scott Brown in the Massachusetts senate seat race. It also talks about Marie Hirono, who is the first Asian American women in the U.S senate. Tammy Baldwin was also discussed for winning her seat and becoming the first openly gay senator. Tulsi Gabbard replaced Marie Hirono as a member of the U.S House of Representatives. Tammy Duckworth, a war hero who lost both her legs in combat also joined the House of Representatives. In New Hampshire, democratic women swept every seat, and the election as a whole had a record number of women elected. Patty Murray also received a share of the limelight for accepting the post of Chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, a job that was denied by three people. However, she successfully led the democrats to securing a majority number of senate members. These were the main issues discussed concerning women.
Despite the fact that Rachel Maddow seems to portray a masculine image, her show features many women and their success stories in politics. It highlights women’s achievements and tries to show their progress in the field of politics. For example, when Rachel talks about Tulsi Gabbard, she mentions that she will be very famous in the near future. This shows her belief in this woman and also creates awareness among the viewers of her existence. Half the show is about women’s achievements, which is also a positive depiction of women by Rachel. It also talks about issues concerning women, for example abortion, and shows how inconsiderate the republican men were on this issue. It tries to connect their losses with the negative comments they made on abortion. In a way Rachel seems to be biased in favor of women when discussing such issues.
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The Rachel Maddow Show. Prod. Bill Wolff. Host. Rachel Maddow. TV Series.
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