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This paper may serve as an excellent example of the literature analysis, It aims to characterize the Danny Santiago’s "The Somebody". It will dive into the investigation of the language of this story, its main character’s Mexican identity, the use of figurative speech, metaphor in "The Somebody", etc…
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Analysis of Danny Santiagos The Somebody
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"Analysis of Danny Santiagos The Somebody"

Download file to see previous pages Danny Santiago’s The Somebody is a first person narrative through the perspective of its protagonist Chato de Shamrock, a dropout and abandoned member of a gang with the same name he embraced, the Shamrocks. He tells about his escapades that primarily involve writing his name on walls, fences and other places that lead him to thinking the same attributes ownership in the same way that one writes on his book or documents as proof. He considered owning all the things, places and buildings where he signed his name and looked at himself as somebody, a popular person who has a reputation of his own. The language of the story and the use of figures of speech yield a vivid account of the life and times of Chato in the most personal sense that is through his own point of view.
The main character’s Mexican identity and his gangster attitude led him to believe that unsophisticated English and thug lingo depicts strength. The narrator makes use of common phrases in shady neighborhoods like the almost trite expression ‘man’ at the beginning or end of the sentence. For instance, when Chato commented about what happened to the houses in his neighborhood, he said, “I hope that never happens to your street, man”. He used the phrase to speak to his reader or audience regardless of gender.
The use of figurative speech is abundant in the story making it an interesting narrative, catching the attention of readers, letting them pause and think about what they could possibly mean. The figures of speech also stir the imaginations of audiences to picture what the author wants to paint in their minds, making the events and characters come alive. “The toilet roars like a hot rod taking off” (1) is a simile used in the story which portrays the whooshing sound made by the toilet bowl when it is flushed. The terms could also imply that the toilet sound is louder than it should be, making it appear in the reader’s mind that the setting is in a poor family’s house where repairs or change of materials are not done even when badly needed. Other figurative connotation used as a simile is “like a ghost in the graveyard”(2), which describes the narrators way of walking down the street, allowing the reader to imagine that he was walking alone in a dark, abandoned road. The figures of speech help the reader to have a clear picture of the images the author wants to portray through the words of the main character which was done quite successfully. About his writing, Chato describes it in the same fashion as, “It’s real smooth and mellow, and curvy like a blond in a bikini”(2). The comparison of two unlike things is used in this description which may have been an exaggeration but to the author, might have reached his goal of putting the penmanship of the character beside a curvy woman’s naked body to show how attractive his writing is. This too is consistent with the portrayal of the character of his attitude according to his own account. Metaphor was also used in the narration of the main character as he described the legs of her mother with the following phrase, “Her legs got those dark blue rivers running all over them”(2). He used the image of rivers to describe the varicose veins on her mother’s legs which could have been correctly represented because as the rivers carry water or fluid, the veins do the same however, they carry blood. This elucidates on how the author is able to transform something as mundane and medical as varicose vein and be able to relate it in an almost poetic manner. This further adds depth and dimension to Chato and how he is able to see things different from everybody else. The author also used personification in the story, making things perform human actions. For example, he said about the houses being destroyed by the bulldozers and wrecking bars of S.P. Railroads, “You could hear those houses scream when they ripped them down” (2). Houses cannot scream but the author used the word to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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