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Understanding the Meaning, Ideologies, and Contexts of the films Argo and Babel - Research Paper Example

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These they do by ensuring that their films have got certain elements. These elements will make the understanding of the film even better. According to film expert, these elements or pillars include the meaning…
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Understanding the Meaning, Ideologies, and Contexts of the films Argo and Babel
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Extract of sample "Understanding the Meaning, Ideologies, and Contexts of the films Argo and Babel"

Download file to see previous pages Film context entails the setting of a film. Other scholars refer to it as the situation, circumstances in which a film is set or scripted (Coleman, 2011). Film context involves the time frame of the film, the historic background and the geographical location of the poem. According to scholars, the ideologies of any film are those values that we get from a film that enable us to be better humans. They are the socio-economic, cultural and political values or ideas that we share with the film (Lewis, 2013). These idea or values inspire us and enable us to clean the world from the moral and political decays to make it a better ground for dwelling. If you watch a film and it inspires you to act, then you have gained ideologies in a film. This paper thus seeks to analyze the ideology, context and the meaning of the movies; Babel and Argo.
Babel is a three plot American film screened in Africa, Morocco, Japan and America-Mexico. The initial plot is in Mexico. However the three are well connected such that the story line flows from one country to another (Shaw, 2011).
In Morocco, in the desert, we meet Abdullah. Abdullah is a farmer who keeps his herd in the desert and has two sons; Ahmed and Yussef plus a daughter. He is constantly bothered by jackals in the desert that prey after his herd. He thus buys a gun from his neighbor Hassan. The gun is high powered. He plans to drive away the jackals with the gun. He gives the gun to his boys while out in the field herding. The boys always competing aim at rocks, trees and cars then compete in shooting. Ahmed aims at a tourist bus and shoots (Shaw, 2011). The bullet hits an American, Suzan, who together with her husband, Richard are on the country for a holiday. America is quick to brand that as an act of terror and therefore asks the Moroccan government to arrest the culprits. Police officers then come after the family of Abdulla and an open fire leads to Yussef ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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