Conflicts in Kate Chopin's The Storm and Desiree's Baby - Essay Example

The researcher analyzes conflicts in Kate Chopin's The Storm and Desiree's baby. The researcher states that most of Kate’s works featured the emancipation of women and feminism, and she is regarded as the predecessor of feminism in the world…
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Conflicts in Kate Chopins The Storm and Desirees Baby

Extract of sample Conflicts in Kate Chopin's The Storm and Desiree's Baby

Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that Kate Chopin, nee Kate O'Flaherty was a 19th-century writer from New Orleans in Louisiana, USA. She is mostly renowned for her works in collections of short stories like The Story of an Hour, The Storm and Desiree’s baby. She is also credited to have written two novels, titled The Awakening and At Fault. Most of her stories are set in her homeland of Louisiana, where she was born to one of the most prominent families in the state. Though she was later acclaimed as one of the most accomplished short story and article writers, Kate never made much money out of her writing, and her two novels received wide criticisms on literary and moral standards. However, Kate’s prowess in writing short stories and narrating them was very visible in her from a very young age. Kate had great admiration for the works of Sir Walter Scott and Charles Dickens, whom she considered her role models in writing, and who also influenced many of her writings. She actually dropped out of school in order to pursue her writing and other arts such as music. One of her most celebrated short stories was The Storm, which she authored in the summer of 1898. The Storm is a story about love, marriage, the role of sex in marriage and happiness and family. The storyline is set in Louisiana in the late 19th century. The story opens with the reader being introduced to Bobinot and Bibi, who are father and son respectively. (Kirszner & Mandell 142- 145). The two had gone to the stores when the skies opened up and a storm started brewing. Because of how bad the storm was, the two decide to stay in the storm and take shelter. Sitting in the store waiting the rain out, Bobinot expresses concern for his wife at home, wondering if she was worrying about them or whether she had the necessary help at home to stay calm and keep things running in the house during the storm. His son assures him that the person who helps his mother out was not at home with her hence she was alone. This is where we encounter the first conflict in the story. Calixta, Bobinot’s wife, is at home safely yet Bobinot worries about her, yet he and his son are the ones who are out in the storm and far away from home.
In the second seen we are taken to Calixta’s house where she is so busy with her sewing that she does not notice the impending storm. The irony of it is that she is seated by the window but she can still not perceive the storm coming. She is finally jolted back into reality and she realizes that she had left her husband’s Sunday clothes outside to dry. She rushes out to get them before they are rained on. As she is removing clothes from the line, she sees Alcee riding his horse towards her house ((Kirszner & Mandell 142- 145).). The tension between these two is palpable, as Calixta seems to be transfixed on Alcee rather than the clothes on the line which are being rained on. It is obvious that these two characters have feelings for each other, which is so obvious to the normal eye. The irony is that by now we know that Calixta is married to Bobinot and has a son with him. We later learn that Alcee is also married, wit a family of his own as well, but whose wife has travelled. It is obvious that these two are in love but ironic that they are married to different people. Calixta invites Alcee to shelter inside the house from the storm. As the storm rages on, Calixta and Alcee are at the window watching as the storm continues. A bolt of lightning causes Calixta to fall back, right into Alcee’s arms. In a matter of seconds, a storm is brewed in the house as the two ignite their passion for each other. We learn that the two had been involved with each other in the past. Unable to hold it back, the two succumb to their passions and as the storm wanes outside, they fall into ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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