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Analysis of Into the Wild Book by Jon Krakauer - Essay Example

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In this paper, the author discusses a book called” into the wild” and relates it with Frank’s theory. In the first paragraph, the author gets some background information about the story “into wild”. In the second paragraph, the author relates how Chris’ family adapted Franklin’s idea.    …
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Analysis of Into the Wild Book by Jon Krakauer
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Into the Wild Book by Jon Krakauer"

Download file to see previous pages  Into the Wild, is a true story by Jon Krakauer. It talks of the cryptic death and life of a brilliant man called Christopher McCandless. He was unmistakably hardworking, “I’ve contracted work with many hitchhikers previously, majority of them had no aspiration to work. Chris was dissimilar; He was the greatest hard worker I’ve ever come across.”Westerberg articulates this concerning Chris. However, his hard work is for the sake of his parents. Once he graduated from Emory University (1990) he offered all his money to charity. He then disappeared and left his personal identity and past. He seals all the loopholes that his parents and friends would use to find him and starts off for a journey to his own world. He drives into the wild and abandons his middle class life. His family hunts him everywhere, but all in vain. Later, it is discovered that the young man died in the wild. Many see his death as a mysterious happening. Attempts have been made to explain the cause of his death, but none can suffice the curiosity. In The American dream, Frank was from an average life family. However, he maneuvered his way to victory. He ended up in the White House and became a role model for many people. He created the basis of the self-made individuals. Chris’ family embraced Franks’ idea of the self-made man. This is evident through their selfless act of taking Chris to school. Apparently, they had the notion that education would help in elevating Chris, from his middle class lifestyle to a more prominent and successful lifestyle. This is a notion that many people around the globe have. In addition, they were very hardworking; no wonder they could afford to support their young boy throughout his school life. They molded him into an obedient boy, who was really hardworking. His hard work reflects the hard work of his parents. This is the ideal American dream. Apparently, they support Frank’s opinion of not settling with sufficiency. Frank regarded the people sharing in his class as “the middling people”.       ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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