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Julius Caesar and Antigone, King Arthur and Sundiata - Essay Example

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The paper "Julius Caesar and Antigone, King Arthur and Sundiata" discusses that the message of Sundiata and his story is more relevant for young people today. This is because it is shown that despite the prophecy, his early life did not appear extraordinary. …
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Julius Caesar and Antigone, King Arthur and Sundiata
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"Julius Caesar and Antigone, King Arthur and Sundiata"

Download file to see previous pages All were defeated and the two brothers challenged each other but end up killing each other. Though it may be seen that Polynices in terms of the agreement had every right to claim his position on the throne, King Creon chose to deem Eteocles as the rightful King and upon their death, decreed that the elder son be given a soldier’s funeral while the younger be left on the hillside outside the gates to rot and be eaten by worms and vultures. As she tells Ismene: “But his body must lie in the fields, a sweet treasure; For carrion birds to find as they search for food” (Lines 21-22). This was displeasing to Haimon, the son of Creon, and he begins to change his opinion of his father. When King Creon’s decree is challenged by Antigone, who wishes to bury her brother Polynices respectfully as well, she tells her sister Ismene: ‘Creon is not strong enough to stand in my way’ (Line 35). When the guards find that the body has been taken and buried, they inform King Creon who is enraged. He immediately sentences Antigone to death too, giving her the benefit of a day’s food and water to lie in a cave awaiting her final fate. Haimon is appalled at his father’s change of character and appeals to spare Antigone’s life, which is denied. He begins to hate his father from this point. 2. At several points in "The Tragedy of Julius Caesar," a character has to make an important decision. Identify a choice one of the characters in the list makes, explain why he makes that choice, and list the consequences of the decision. Please be sure to identify what character you are discussing. In “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar," Brutus had to make a decision whether or not to join in the plot to kill Caesar. He does so at the last moment because though he loves Caesar, he knows that Caesar has become too powerful for the good of the Republic. He must be eliminated because he would never resign from the seat of power. So he joins the plot and is the last to attack Caesar, in effect striking the fatal blow. Caesar in his death throes calls out: ‘Et tu, Brutus?’ He cannot believe what he is seeing. The consequences are that the Republic is free of Caesar and absolute power vested in one personality. Though Brutus is remorseful for his actions, Marc Antony in his impromptu speech tells the crowds that ‘Brutus is an honorable man’. 3. Write an essay in which you argue whether Antigone did the right thing. Should she have buried her brother or obeyed the decree by her uncle? Support your answer with at least two specific references to the play. In my opinion, Antigone did the right thing by burying her brother even though she challenged her Uncle King Creon’s royal decree. The message of the play is that the quest for what is right must never be made subservient to whoever is in power.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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This essay analyzes the causes of moral conflicts in Antigone and its effects. The causes of moral conflict in this play are the differences between familial and citizen responsibilities and differences between duties to the gods and duties to the state, while the effects of the moral conflict is the loss of loved ones for Creon, due to Antigone’s suicide.
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p.). This tragedy actually focuses on the issues surrounding the burial of Polyneices (which Creon the new king of Thebes forbids as a punishment), as well as the resulting punishments meted upon Antigone and Ismene (“Antigone” n. p.). In these issues, one of the main conflicts present was between what to respect, on whether the law of man or the law of the gods, given that Creon implemented a law that Polyneices will not be buried as a punishment, and that Antigone will be buried alive inside a cave: laws which actually runs counter to the laws of the gods (“Antigone” n.
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The most important of his rules were his three unities, the unity of time, place and action. The unity of time dealt with the time taken to complete the action, roughly in one day. The unity of place stated that a play should cover a single physical space and should not try to compress geography, nor should the stage represent more than one place.
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One shining example of this type of writing can be found in the works of Sophicles in his play Antigone. This play tells the story of Oedipus’ daughter and opens shortly after the death of her two brothers, who have
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The law of nature and the will of God (i.e., God’s will over man’s will) take precedence in the final consequences of the actions of the characters in this play. Creon the ruler of Thebes was warned by Tiresias to change his mind over
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Throughout the story, we find that she will stand up to whatever she thinks is right as seen when she chooses to bury her brother despite Creon’s express command forbidding Polyneices burial (Walker 199). Furthermore, she shows immense
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Such a command was birthed because Polyneices fought and died as a rebel, fighting against his own brother who also died in the battlefield but unlike him was given an honorary
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Her attempt to bury him lands her to prison together with her sister that was accused of having known the plot. The issue of Antigone causes a row between Creon and his
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She is extremely brave and believes that women and men are equal. She sees women as strong people and should be treated with fairness and equity. On the other hand, Creon appears to be very cruel, selfish and self-centered
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First of all, reading the play “Conformity and Rebellion” will simplify me to understand this complex work if a read it before seen it being performed. As a reader, it will not be enjoyable to watch
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