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The Concept of Gradual Truth in Dickinson's Poetry - Essay Example

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Friedlander first discusses the initial presumption he has on the difference of truth and telling. He states that at the start, he believes that “storytelling,” which usually utilizes circuitous speech, cannot be, in any way, associated with truth because truth deals with direct information, that is, no beating around the bush…
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The Concept of Gradual Truth in Dickinsons Poetry
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Download file to see previous pages Friedlanders approach to Dickinsons text is one of a mix of reader response approach and cultural studies approach. At the beginning of his article, he expresses clearly that in aiming to answer these questions, he wants to provide a deeper understanding on how these two contradicting concepts might affect a reader in understanding Dickinson (Friedlander 32). Toward the middle of his article, Friedlander demonstrates the potential historical and political interpretation of Dickinsons work. He states that Dickinson is not the “theological rebel who...rejected the comforts of theodicy in direct response to the Civil War” (Friedlander 37) but that “the poem could also be read as a political fable” (Friedlander 37). However, Friedlander uses these approaches merely to demonstrate his intention to interpret Dickinsons work in a more reader response approach rather than cultural response one. Doing so provides the readers a solid direction for the interpretation, particularly for readers who are more knowledgeable of the various critiques on Dickinsons poetry. He states several other contexts that other articles have used in interpreting Dickinsons oeuvre, and maintains that his article “would not make broad claims” (Friedlander 37) in either supporting or disputing those articles. However, those other critiques are useful in Friedlanders intention to advance the questions he aims to answer in his own article. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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