Comparison and Contrast of the Characters Ichabod Crane and Brom Van Brunt - Essay Example

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This essay compares the characters of Ichabod Crane and Brom Van Brunt that are created by an American author named Washington Irving in his short story known as “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”…
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Comparison and Contrast of the Characters Ichabod Crane and Brom Van Brunt
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"Comparison and Contrast of the Characters Ichabod Crane and Brom Van Brunt"

The researcher states that Ichabod Crane has been described as a person who was capable of making good decisions and was very willing to believe any statement as true but he was also clumsy. He was a school and a singing teacher who belonged to Connecticut. Crane did not belong to a wealthy family. He had to work hard so that he could fulfill his needs. He was quite a foody person. He loved to eat and was well fed by the housewives who lived in his neighborhood. He develops feelings towards Katrina Van Tassel who was the daughter of a well known Dutch farmer Baltus Van Tassel. Katrina was the only daughter of her parents. Brom Van Brunt is described as a heavily built person, good looking and arrogant in a way but possessed a great sense of humor. Brom was well known for his massive knowledge and skilled horsemanship. He was always ready for the fight but he had more mischief in his fights rather than harsh words. He is also known as Brom Bones. Broom always tried to make Crane scared about the Headless Horsemen with whom he had raced. So every time he used to walk through the woods he used to sing songs so that he would not be scared. Both Crane and Brom started developing feelings towards Katrina. As Crane knew that he was not as strongly built like Brom to impress Katrina so he decided to win her by frequently visiting her house as a singing master or teacher. The competition between Crane and Broom started getting more intense. Crane was a skinny guy with big feet but he was very helpful. He helped the farmers in their work in his neighborhood. Brom always behaved like a child while fighting for Katrina. He would buy gifts for her which Crane could not but Crane was not less in competing. He would compensate all the matter with a picnic or a nice gesture. The feelings, of both of them for Katrina was different. Crane’s feelings for her were genuine but Brom was only concerned about money, wealth that he wanted to inherit, despite belonging to a rich family. Crane always tried to hide his feelings of being scared. At an autumn party, Crane tries to impress Katrina by his singing and dancing. Then the conversation headed towards the ghostly tales, especially of the Headless Horseman a Hessian soldier who haunts the area. Crane tries a lot to have a meaningful talk with Katrina but he could not, so disappointed Crane leaves the party and rode on his horse back home. On the way back he faced the Hessian soldier and the next morning the horse was found without the horse rider and the saddle near the destroyed remains of a pumpkin. After that incidence Crane is not seen at all in the book Sleepy Hollow. A rumor is spread that Crane has become a lawyer and a judge in another town. Read More
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lindsay05 added comment 11 months ago
Student rated this paper as

I loved how detailed this comparison is. It includes the story, the characters and all the features those characters have.

nrodriguez added comment 1 year ago
Student rated this paper as
Why nobody ever assigned me to watch a movie instead of a book???
tayyaba added comment 1 year ago
Student rated this paper as
It gives the comparison of the characters and outlines the contrast. This essay is a good one!
legrospansy added comment 1 year ago
Student rated this paper as
I disagree this paper doesn’t contain analysis, it does. It’s in a very way of presenting the characters and the concomitant events. Everything you need to know to form an opinion about Ichabod Crane and Brom Van Brunt.
aiden34 added comment 1 year ago
Student rated this paper as
I read this piece instead of a whole book and only then I’ve understood that I’ve seen the movie! Funny thing.
akris added comment 1 year ago
Student rated this paper as
The essay is not at a high-school level. It doesn’t include any analysis but just a short plot summary of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Not of any use
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