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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Comparison of Video and Reading Material - Research Proposal Example

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This paper "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Comparison of Video and Reading Material" discusses several differences between the novel of Washington Irving and the film by Pierre Gang, and the differences are about the way the plot is developed in the two mentioned works of art…
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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Comparison of Video and Reading Material
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Extract of sample "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Comparison of Video and Reading Material"

Download file to see previous pages Washington Irving’s novel “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” is a literary work of art that makes interest for the readers because of its plot and the way the events and the characters are described. The author used his attention to detail as to his main means, and this imparted a certain degree of realism to his novel. At the same time, his use of legends and tales in a realistic setting was another thing that caught the readers’ attention and made it popular. This popularity led, as it often happens today, to the film making on the basis of the novel, and there are doubts whether the film made by Pierre Gang and the original novel have any differences, which will be investigated in the present paper.
The method used in this research paper is the comparison of the film and the novel, precisely, the comparison of the plot, the character (the chosen one is Ichabod Crane) and the setting of the two works of art.

The research has given the following results which will be given in the following order: the plot and its differences in the two works of art, the character of Ichabod Crane and the differences, and the setting of the two works and the differences between them.

The Plot and The Related Differences in the Two Works of Art. The plot of the novel narrates about a legend of Sleepy Hollow which is transferred over the generations. The legend has it that, in the time of the Independence War, there was a warhead in this place who led his soldiers to the battle against the British army. In the battle, his head was cut off, but he went on riding his horse and inspiring his soldiers on combat actions which resulted in their victory and defeat of the British. Much time passed since then, but the phantom of that headless horseman still appears in the hollow of this village, and there are many witnesses (they at least tell stories about their meeting the strange phantom) of this supernatural phenomenon. One day, a man named Ichabod Crane who looks for a job as a teacher reaches this village and reaches success: he is offered an occupation in the local farmers’ school.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Comparison of Video and Reading Material Research Proposal - 3, n.d.)
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Comparison of Video and Reading Material Research Proposal - 3.
(The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Comparison of Video and Reading Material Research Proposal - 3)
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Comparison of Video and Reading Material Research Proposal - 3.
“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Comparison of Video and Reading Material Research Proposal - 3”.
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