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He would walk to his office every day and walk back home, giving himself ample opportunity for exercise and fresh air. He would eat home cooked meals and sleep…
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Urban Legend
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Harris Kamran Sociology Creative Composition 12 November Urban Legend There was once a young man who worked in an office and lived a decent life. He would walk to his office every day and walk back home, giving himself ample opportunity for exercise and fresh air. He would eat home cooked meals and sleep early. Over all, he lived a healthy life.
Then one day a branch of a famous fast food opened on the way to his office. It was an attractive prospect since the food tasted good and the portion size was fairly large. He decided to visit the place for lunch once or twice a week, just to get a break from his usual routine. He would get a meat burger and fries, and a soft drink to wash it down with. Some times, he would get himself a bucket of fried chicken, and eat it all.
Some time later, the fast food joint introduced a new pie which was full of whole cream and butter. He started buying it on his lunch break to have later in the evening. This became his regular. As time passed, he cut down on his walk, and instead used his car more often. He started watching more TV and playing games on the computer, and ignored his habits of going early to bed and exercising. He had an arm chair that he would slump into, and was well on his way to becoming a true couch potato.
The joint decided to increase the portion size to satisfy its customers and to get a higher customer rating. They also made the food more rich in fats to make it tastier. Although the nutritional information was displayed along the menu, the portion size was too good to be ignored. He would now not only eat lunch there, but had a meal parceled to have for dinner. Soon his waist line increased, and his jeans and pants would fit him no more. Now he had completely cut down on walking, as it tired him, and instead completely relied on his car, even to go to a nearby store. He would spend all his time sitting in his chair in front of the TV, as any physical exertion exhausted him. More often than not he would fall asleep in the same chair at night.
He had started noticing that the chair was getting tighter for him to sit, or rather he was getting too big for the chair. But he ignored the signs of obesity, and continued with his eating habits.
One night, he was sleeping in his chair, when suddenly he was awakened with a start. He was feeling uneasy in the chest, and was sweating profusely. He realized right away that he was going to have a heart attack. He tried getting off the chair to reach the phone in order to call 911, but he was stuck in the chair. No matter how hard he tried, he could not pry himself out of it, and the more he exerted, the worse the pain got. He shouted and called for help, but the whole neighborhood was deep asleep.
The next day, the police found a body of a heavy man stuck in his arm chair. They used a chainsaw to cut him free of the chair. The autopsy revealed that the man had died of a heart attack owing to the high level of fats and cholesterol in his blood. The man was in his early twenties, and had a good career ahead of him. The doctor stated that had he been able to get out of his chair and call 911, his life could have been saved. Read More
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