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Personal Legend - Essay Example

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A personal legend is a definite life path that is already chosen for a person with the aim of providing satisfaction and passion in his or her life in the occurrences of day-to-day (Coelho 37). As argued in the 3rd space theory, there is uniqueness in the direction one’s life…
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Personal Legend
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Extract of sample "Personal Legend"

A personal legend is a definite life path that is already chosen for a person with the aim of providing satisfaction and passion in his or her life in the occurrences of day-to-day (Coelho 37). As argued in the 3rd space theory, there is uniqueness in the direction one’s life takes. The end game is to ultimately provide a sense of achievement and fulfillment of the person’s goals and dreams in life. Although everyone has a legend, not everyone knows what it is about. This results in professionals who are unhappy with their work as they are not in the right jobs. Discovering and realizing one’s purpose in life and hence his or her legend results in the development of enthusiasm to achieve it (Coelho 8). Following your dreams brings happiness. Nevertheless, although the path is defined, it is loaded with trails that offer teachings and give important life lessons. As such, one requires a lot of courage, self determination and discipline. I would like to give an illustration of my personal legend whilst I explain the interferences to my path and how I dealt with them.
Ever since I was little, I have always been fascinated by the FBI. This made me develop a legend of wanting to become a Special Agent with the bureau. As a child playing cops and robbers, I always wanted to be a cop and always protested when other kids wanted me to play the robber. To me the game meant more than just that. I felt I was really an agent of the law making arrests. I believe there is no better way of being a good citizen of this great country than being the one who enforces the constitution. This, coupled with the inspiration that was my grandfather, who was a federal agent at the time meant it did not take long for me realize my life’s purpose. In the first grade when we were asked what we wanted to do when we grew up, some of my classmates said teachers, doctors, engineers and other professions. The teacher was surprised when I drew a picture of me holding a gun arresting a criminal with the caption, “when I grow up I want to join the FBI.”
Having a legend does not mean that one will automatically attain his or her goals as we have to lead lives through space and not inside it meaning we have to move (Ingold 148). Ever since I realized my legend, I have endeavored to better myself to become an agent in the bureau. Before I reached my teens, I used to think that all I had to do to become an agent is to arrest “bad guys” and carry a gun. My knowledge of the profession was based on the television series. However, my determination to protect others was always present. As I grew, so did my knowledge on what it entails to be a federal agent. From discussions with my grandfather, I came to know that first I needed to have good grades and be physically fit. This was even before I joined the academy. The connections between points in our lives determine where we end up in life (Ingold 151). My ignorance at the time that made me have a small liking for studies almost discouraged me goal altogether. Another tribulation came with my athleticism. I was fairly weak when it came to participate in outdoor activities. Then came the documentaries that showed me that being an FBI agent was not all fun as I had previously imagined. I developed a fear for the profession. All these affected my conviction and I started having doubts.
The events of the 11th of September, 2001 served to strengthen my decision to follow my legend. The terrorist attack on the twin towers in Manhattan made me realize the need to protect the lives of our nation’s citizens. From on my life structure aimed to end with me joining the bureau. After completing high school in 2008, I decided to join the marine where I served two tours in Afghanistan. During my service, I was equipped with necessary combat and gun skills that will enable me to be a qualified agent. However, I also experienced a different social world altogether. The Afghans went through unspeakable horrors due to the war as well as pre-existing problems. I developed a compassion for the people, but with time I had to end my service as I could not stand it anymore. The tours taught me not to take anything for granted for someone else lacks even the basics.
Back home, my dream to join the bureau was still there. To me, being an agent meant more than just having combat skills as education plays a huge part if one is to participate in successful operations. This led me to join a college to acquire knowledge on social structures and world that will be helpful in the infiltration of criminal cells. The course has seen me adopt a different perspective on society that has enabled me to understand it even more. Although I have not achieved my goals yet, I believe I am a work in progress who is on the right path that will take me to my lifetime goal of joining the bureau and serving the people. In the long run, I see myself joining the bureau as a Special Agent charged with infiltration of criminal cells with the goal of dismantling organized crime.
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Ingold, Tim. Being Alive. 1st ed. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, 2011. Print. Read More
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Personal Legend Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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