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Operations and Strategy: Outback Steakhouse case analysis - Essay Example

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Operations and Strategy: Outback Steakhouse case analysis Table of Contents Operations and Strategy: Outback Steakhouse case analysis 1 Table of Contents 2 Part A – Operations 3 Introduction 3 Key operational challenges that face the Outback Steakhouse in its bid to expand the business internationally 4 Part B – Strategy 12 Strategic plan for Outback Steakhouse 12 SWOT Analysis 13 PESTEL Analysis 15 Competitive Analysis 17 Mission Statement 19 Alternative Strategies 19 Recommendation 20 Reference 21 Bibliography 22 Part A – Operations Introduction Chris Sullivan along with Bob Basham and Tim Gannon in the early years of 1988 coming from the background of restaurant management opened two…
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Operations and Strategy: Outback Steakhouse case analysis
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Download file to see previous pages The company’s growth rate is very high as compared to other players in the market. The company is growing opened around 70 shores per year and is expected to grow even more in coming years with an estimation of 500 to 600 stores in the next 5 years. With such a fast growing rate the company very soon reached its saturation level at US market thus expansion plan are very required for the company to maintain a sustainable growth rate in the restaurant market. But with an international expansion the company will also face several challenges in different countries which are needed to be evaluate by the company in order to expand understand the suitability of the market with the company’s operation. ...
e restriction of the particular country are required to be evaluated with proper research to find the suitability of the country of expansion with the company’s product. Market demand Market demand is of the major factor which is needed to be evaluated by the company before entering into new market. The market demand can be understood by the company by several factors like the level of disposable income of the country, demographics, socio economical condition of the country and the life style of the people in the region. Market size, growth and potential of the market are also very important for the expansion plan of the company (Luo, 1999, p. 120). In economically developed country people are more into spending for costly foods and other entertainments available in the market. Demographics of the country are another issue which the company should look after as it can influence to great extent in finding the prospective market for the company. Outback has a great potential into market where people are not much involved into family and often have fast foods at shops and also the young generation are more into enjoying food with friends at restaurants. Thus if the company fails to understand the demographics of the country it can be big mistake for the firm and might fail to flourish its business in that particular region. Life style of the country is another aspect to determine the market demand. The preference of people in a country towards a particular cuisine and style of dining convention are different for different regions. People preferring western cuisine can be a good prospect for the company on the other hand many countries many prefer different cuisine and dining style which is needed to be evaluated by the company before entering into the market. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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