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Foriegn policy and manifest destiny - Essay Example

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RUNNING HEAD: AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY AND MANIFEST DESTINY American Foreign Policy and Manifest Destiny School Date American Foreign Policy and Manifest Destiny Brief Overview of American History North America had been inhabited by people since the Ice Age…
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Foriegn policy and manifest destiny
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Download file to see previous pages Department of State, 2010). English immigration in the region started during the 1600s, from a few hundreds first and later to millions of immigrants, in the hope to finding freedom from political repression, to practice their religion freely, or to seek new economic opportunities since England was experiencing economic slump during that period (U.S. Department of State, 2010). As England’s support, especially in defense, to the American colonies dwindled, the settlers in Massachusetts Bay, Connecticut, Plymouth and New Haven established the New England Confederation in 1643 (U.S. Department of State, 2010). It was the first attempt to unify the colonies in North America (U.S. Department of State, 2010). There were many events that followed and later, a war erupted between the royal crown of England and the colonies in North America. During the battle of Yorktown, Virginia, the British Army surrendered to the American and French forces that led to the cessation of the war, and secured the independence of American through the 1783 Treaty of Paris (U.S. Department of State, 2010). America was beset by a civil war between the north and the south on the issue of slavery during the mid-19th century (that left the largest toll of lives lost in American history) but the contending forces reunified again. The English colonizers of the new world had a vision of establishing a government founded on freedom and a new order. Among the settlers were visionaries and idealist. The government in North America is viewed to have the divine destiny to expand its territory to justify occupation and control over other territories. This concept was supported by influential personalities in the US on the belief that the American type of freedom and democracy should be imposed upon other jurisdictions and territories. The question of whether or not manifest destiny is still being implemented by the US as a policy over other territories and countries will be explored in this paper. Manifest Destiny: The Concept Manifest destiny is a concept that gained popularity in the 19th century expounding on the notion that that United States should expand its territory toward the west of North American continent (“Manifest Destiny”, 2008). It was believed by some that the movement is motivated by God while others see it as an “altruistic right to expand the territory of liberty” (Lubragge, 2007, as cited in “Manifest Destiny”, 2008). It was initially used to describe a political agenda of occupation but later adopted in historical treatises (“Manifest Destiny”, 2008). Jackson Democrats used the term in the 1840s to advance the annexation of Western US (e.g. the present Oregon, Texas and Mexican territories) (“Manifest Destiny”, 2008). The term is coined by John L. O’Sullivan (New York journalist) in 1844 in his essay “Annexation” published in the Democratic Review in support of the Democratic Party agenda (“Manifest Destiny”, 2008). He was urging the US to annex the Republic of Texas, not only as the latter desired but also because it was America’s destiny as ordained by God (“Manifest Destiny”, 2008). O’Sullivan though was thinking of peaceful annexation without violent takeover (“Manifest Destiny”, 2008). Manifest destiny can be described as obvious for “manifest” and certain for “destiny” (“Manifest Destiny”, 2008, para. 1). Annexation and Expansionism in 19th and 20th Centuries The first implementation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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