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How did the United States justify and achieve Manifest Destiny - Research Paper Example

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A settler was to move across the continent to spread their institutions and tradition and at the same moment enlighten the primitive nations. The American settlers felt…
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How did the United States justify and achieve Manifest Destiny

Download file to see previous pages... Because of their cultural, political, and racial superiority, they believed their destiny was to escalate their and rules to enlighten other nations that were not exposed. The pride and superiority of possessed American settlers forced them to acquire its neighboring territories by force and compulsion leading to the Mexican War in 1840. They had the notion that God would give them land from Pacific to Atlantic Ocean.
The Americans had diverse justifications of the components leading to achievement of their Manifest Destiny. The ideology of manifest destiny had many components treating an individual in various ways reflecting the pride and superiority by Americans in Mid 19th century. Justification of the idealistic vision of social excellence through God and church created separate opinions to conquer new land. The American Unified ideology was to dominate the whole world from pole to pole. The following factors and occurrences were imperative in justification of United States to achieve manifest destiny.
According to many people, Manifest Destiny depended on the notion of American having a divine Providence. They believed that America had a future controlled by God to expand its borders without any limit to country or area. All the activities involving traveling and expansion were also a factor of the Manifest Destiny. It compounded with the notion that it was Gods will for Americans to spread over the whole continent controlling and populating the country, as they required. Since many expansionists believed that God had explicit power to sustain and guide human destiny, they concentrated in conquering and Christianizing the land. The Manifest Destiny was the mass settlers move across the land in advance to replace darkness with light and ignorance with civilization.
The Manifest Destiny increased by the inclusion of strong Gods will in the individual’s ideology while others ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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What lead Orestes Brownson to coin the term Manifest Destiny
What lead Orestes Brownson to coin the term Manifest Destiny? Religion for many centuries offered different “school of thoughts” which scholars also term as "truth-claims”, hence a feeling of being an American. These truth claims offer different ideologies, which are based according to the nature of the religion.
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China's energy technology and how it affects the United States
In fact, there is already a sharp contrast between the two powerhouse countries. Whereas the United States is heavily burdened by debt, China enjoys the distinction of having the most Gross International Reserves (GIR) Thus, in effect, the US has become the highest debtor while China has become the biggest creditor (Financial Ranks 2008).
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Manifest destiny and the forcible removal of american indians
The ideology and practice of Manifest Destiny which included expansionism based on nationalism, “influenced United States Policy particularly in the last six decades of the nineteenth century” (Mountjoy 2009: 13). This justified the forcible removal of American Indians, the annexation of Mexican land, and the war with Mexico in the 1840s.
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How Slavery started in the United States
The New World was discovered at about the same time the navies and merchant shipping of European nations were at their apex. Therefore, this was an opportunistic time to colonize other lands, especially those whose inhabitants were less technologically advanced.
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How the Manifest Destiny Affected Native Americans in the U.S
This paper depicts how the Navajo fought the United States for its lands and settlements. The struggle of land rights among the Navajo tribe gives ideas into the intricacies of impetus in people that disregard casual consideration and demands ongoing inquiry if we desire to make sense of who we are as we live in all our differences across the globe.
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Manifest Destiny

The author states that the term Manifest Destiny was first coined by a reputed journalist, John O’Sulliavan. The concept itself had already been prevalent for some time. The first was that the expansion across the continent was something that was readily apparent (manifest), while the second aspect was that the expansion was inevitable (destiny).

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The Impact Culture Has on Personal Identity in The United Stated of America
In this recent decade, there has been a new way of identifying people using their cultures with few cultural identifiers which include location, race, gender, nationality, history, sexuality, language, religious beliefs, aesthetics and ethnicity. The United States of America consists of many people who have distinct ethnic backgrounds and cultures some of which are more diverse than the others.
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The political and economic foreign policy developments of the United States in the 19th century from the idea of Manifest Destin
The Manifest Destiny was an idea conceived by the American government in the 19th century, and its ideology of this view was that North America was intended by God to be ruled by Americans of Anglo-Saxon origins. The real meaning of this idea is that it was God’s plan that the USA be at the forefront in pushing for democracy and industrialization in that particular region.
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Manifest Destiny
Whites continued to encroach on Indian lands, sparking conflicts that eventually forced the Native Americans further and further from centers of white civilization. By the time of the American Revolution, most of the Native Americans in New England had relocated far away from their ancestral homelands, died from foreign diseases, such as smallpox, or through the increasing warfare between the colonists and the natives.
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Shipping Jobs Overseas (How it affects United States Economy)
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