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Name Prof The National Health Services (NHS) in England is a government hospital offering comprehensive healthcare service using peoples’ tax as its support since its inception in 1948. It is allocated with more than ?100 billion for human resource salary, hospital supplies and drugs, and for infrastructure developments or maintenance…
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New Public Management
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Download file to see previous pages Statistical data showed that it is accommodating an average of 1 million patients in 36 hours or roughly translated as 463 patients per minute (NHS, 2011). Structurally, NHS is under the Department of Health (DoH) , the latter is chaired by the secretary of health. DoH also controls the ten Strategic Health Authorities of England, clothed with mandates to administer and monitor NHS operations in their respective areas. Central to its core mission are the public or patients who seek medical health service from “cradle to grave.” NHS (2011) had two sections: primary and secondary cares. Primary care is offered by NHS Direct, NHS Walk-in Centres, general practitioners, dentists, pharmacists and optometrists and is allocated with 80% of NHS budget. Secondary care, on the other hand, are services covering Care Trusts, Mental Health Trusts, Health Trusts, Ambulance Thrusts, and Emergency Care. NHS (2011) also has National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) which provide directions and promotion of cost-efficient and effective community-based health care. NHS (2011) is governed b y a Constitution where all its objectives, duties and responsibilities are laid. This fundamental document is the basis of all other policies that govern decision-makings within the institution and which upheld “quality health for all” as its mission. It also vested rights to patients under its care including redress to possible grievances that will be raised in case of dissatisfaction of service. Such patient right include the universal value on non-discrimination and non-refusal of medication based on unreasonable causes (NHS, 2011). As part of the fiduciary relations between patients and physicians, the former expect to be treated with dignity, confidentiality, and be informed of the nature of such illness with corresponding proposed medication procedures as well as of alternate treatment (NHS, 2011). Thus, they were accorded with informed decision-makings and such liberty to participate in rationalizing the needed health care service, especially when patient will be subjected to major operations. Patients were also allowed to access their records for their interests (NHS, 2011). NHS (2011) has five guiding principles. These are (a) provision of holistic service from birth-to-death free from all forms of prejudice and discriminations; (b) free access for clinical services unless sanctioned by the Parliament; (c) adherence to professionalism and quality standard of medical services to patients; (d) affording of medical services reflective of the needs of patients and their immediate families; (e) upholding an integrated system with core values while partnering with multi-organizations in the interest of the patients. It’s these principles that govern the behaviors and interaction of patient-physician relations. NHS has clear structure and core values. It has NICE , with research and development teams, that help strengthen the capabilities of medical experts in the delivery of their services (NHS NICE, 2011) specially on treatment, procedures and preventing illnesses and diseases. It upholds health service quality standards; provide scholarship programs for practitioners; and offer domestic and offshore scientific consultancy services for cost-efficiency. NHS ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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