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The essay "Summarize The Events of The Story Stone Angle" describes an apogee of Hagar’s inability to make up her mind and flea from the hell within her soul. Going further from the brief evaluation of why Hagar is so disappointed, though hoity-toity, she comes to grips with the inevitable incarceration waiting for her. …
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Summarize The Events of The Story Stone Angle
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The events illustrated on pages 133-135 of the book The Stone Angel by Margaret Laurence describe an apogee of Hagar’s inability to make up her mindand flea from the hell within her soul. Going further from the brief evaluation of why Hagar is so disappointed, though hoity-toity, she comes to grips with the inevitable incarceration waiting for her. It is a moment when she struggles to prevent such a situation. Nevertheless, her intransigence leaves her no other way than to reject such circumstances of her living and sneak out from the rest room to Shadow Point. Henceforth, her willingness to change something in her favor seems impossible at this moment when she comes to realize her satanic urge for pride and disregard of other people around her. To say more, Hagar recognizes the agony of hell within her psyche, as she understands she was always nurturing such attitudes in herself. It is a remarkable point where she coolly seeks to have the best she usually supposed to have. Seeing an overcoat on a strange man she associates it with the three men she seems to fall in love with, namely: Bram, John, and Marvin (Laurence 133). She is disoriented in her idea of herself and people surrounding her every now and then. Triggered by the idea that she is already old, it is too easy to make Hagar angry about her age and, above all, her traits of character she was always devoted to. John’s crying to just shut up shocked Hagar, but she still stays cold-hearted and silent regarding it (Laurence 133). It was not gentle of John, but Hagar seems too straight-forward in her intentions. The Rest Room in Manawaka is described specifically since it was established, thus Hagar admits: “A Rest Room had recently been established in the town. I had never been inside it, not fancying public conveniences” (Laurence 133). Hagar is distressed by the case that her life follows an inappropriate scenario, as she planned it initially. In this respect the narrator describes a golden mean regarding Hagar’s passion for Marvin among the three: “It was too big for John and impossibly small for Bram” (Laurence 133). Such a metaphoric description stays untouched within Hagar’s soul. Nonetheless, she full understands that her revolt stops at the person of Bram, her husband. It is here that Hagar is too sensitive to hear Bram’s voice: “Then through the bee-like drone of general noises, I heard Bram’s voice” (Laurence 134). It is a representation of the last time she walks with Bram. Strange as it may seem, her pride is not decreasing since that moment. She sees detrimental causes of aging solely in Bram or somebody else, but not in herself. In this respect surprisingly for her Hagar notices changes in Bram’s looks: “When I reached Bram, I saw how old he had grown” (Laurence 135). Starting from here, Hagar is more aimed to get out of Manawaka, Manitoba so as to get rid of the annoying pictures around her. Works Cited Laurence, Margaret. The Stone Angel. Chicago, IL: University Of Chicago Press, 1993. Read More
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