The Task of Saving the Environment - Essay Example

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Saving the environment is a not an easy task. However, if I will be granted with vast economic resources and political power, I presume that the task would not be so daunting. In order to preserve and conserve the environment all over the world, I will carry out these five following steps:…
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The Task of Saving the Environment
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"The Task of Saving the Environment"

I will choose a contact to sustain connections with environmental organizations. I will hire an environment crimes staff or community policing authority to cooperate with these environmental organizations. The collaboration between environmental organizations and the police force can be very productive. These people are familiar with local concerns and usually have the support of federal or national bureaus that supply the necessary resources and carry out investigations. This step can be quite useful when trying to protect or save the environment within the community.
(2) I will form a team of environmental rangers. It will have one investigator with knowledge in related research and experience in working with national regulators. Environmental crimes are becoming rampant. An experienced and competent officer can lessen the risk of harm to people and operate within the system to make sure that environment offenders carry out correct and appropriate cleanings and are held accountable for them. Meticulous cleanings are needed to bring back the damaged area to a healthy state and lessen the risks of harmful effects to other people.
(3) I will initiate a massive cleanup program. In the regular practice of garbage disposal, environmental groups and the police force should collaborate to determine vicinities that seriously need clean up. Volunteers should initiate a community clean up supervised by law enforcement to free the vicinity from garbage. It is my hope that love for the community will motivate the people to make use of proper garbage disposal practices and means. This, alongside an optimistic attitude from the sanitation unit and national or federal government, should free the vicinity from any garbage. I will vigorously solve the problem of vandalism, which is one of the major crimes against the environment. I will put up telephone hot lines for citizen reports of vandalism or any serious environmental crime. In several vicinities, where there are abandoned lands, I will put up gardens and nature parks. (4) I will initiate a large-scale environmental education program. Basic education in environmental preservation and conservation will be launched for entire communities. Their knowledge will help them contribute fully to the goal of attaining a healthy environment. This environmental course will involve major environmental topics, like solid waste, the ozone layer, water and air pollution, and global warming. The teachers that I will hire should tackle about the global environmental problem and the needed contributions of each individual to the solving of the problem. I will distribute high quality written materials and audiovisual programs to the environmental groups assigned to supervise the environmental education courses. I will create a website (or, hire an expert web maker) that documents the progress of the environmental campaign in order to inspire people all over the world to join the mission. (5) I will financially, emotionally, and mentally assist in the struggle for a healthy environment. Since I have the political authority that gives me the freedom to do basically anything that I want, I will go directly to the Senate and lobby for the implementation of laws and regulations for the protection of the environment, and public awareness of the environment. I will oblige every public official to be role models for everybody. These government officials are very visible to the public and their behavior and attitudes is observed and studied thoroughly. It is hence their chance to play as ideal environmental citizens. Saving and protecting the environment remains a very challenging task even with substantial Read More
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