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The aim of this report is to summarize the book entitled "Red Hugh, Prince of Donegalen" written by Robert T. Reilly. An author of the paper claims that this novel is filled with adventure that is thrilling as it is exciting and it is really worth reading…
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Red Hugh Prince of Donegal by Robert T. Reilly
Red Hugh Prince of Donegal – A Book Report

Author Robert T. Reilly’s book titled Red Hugh, Prince of Donegal is a very interesting historical fiction adventure story that is set against the backdrop of Ireland in the year 1587. This scintillating novel was first published by The Bruce Publishing Company in 1957 and was later re-published by Bethlehem Books in 1997. The real-life incident that this book is based upon is the fight for Ireland’s freedom during the 1500s.
The characters portrayed in the book are all real historical figures and events of true-life incidents that really took place during that time. A few of the details and dialogue had to be fictionalized by the author in order to get the whole story. Hugh O’Donnell, a red-haired youth was the Irish King of Donegal’s teenaged son who was a true crusader and champion of Irish liberty. Hugh was to succeed his father after his death, but was immediately captured and imprisoned for almost three years by the soldiers belonging to the army of Queen Elizabeth I of England who was intent to subdue the Irish.
The author Reilly explains how Hugh, who was a smart youth escaped twice from the Castle of Dublin and also survived a heavy blizzard and bitter frostbite while attempting to rescue and save his family castle from its attackers. There is much to be appreciated with regard to Hugh’s courage, determination, and trust in God when he gathers his friends to help in defending their homeland from its attackers.
Reilly’s incredible adventure is filled with true life incidents told with great passion, verve, and wit that has the capacity to endear both young and old. The story is gripping and action-packed because it was set during the period of war and hatred between Ireland and its invaders. This fact even more highlights the bravery and courage of young Hugh who risks his life in order to save his homeland even when he was betrayed and captured.
Reilly’s book clearly and interestingly describes Red Hugh’s capture that was totally unexpected. He had gone to a Carmelite Monastery to pay his religious respects to the Blessed Virgin when suddenly they noticed a vessel that was quite deceptive because it bore the flag of England. The person of the vessel projected itself as a peaceful merchant who was trading Spanish wine. He invited Hugh and his group to his ship and entertained them with good food, music, and wine. In good cheer, they ate and drank well and soon found that they had drunk too much. When they tried to leave, they found they were trapped and secured by hatches and knew that it was a trap. The prince was taken immediately to the towers of Dublin and thrown into a massive stone castle where he remained meditating for three long years before his escape.
The escape of Red Hugh by the author gives an exhilarating touch to the whole novel. The small group is excited while planning their escape and on a dark night filled with sleet and cold, they silently scale the walls past the sentinels and clamor to their freedom through the city streets. This novel is filled with adventure that is thrilling as it is exciting and it is really worth reading. It fills the hearts of its readers with compassion and determination in the first half and with a thrill and happiness when the group escapes to their freedom.


Red Hugh O’Donnell

Wayne S. Walker (2010) Book Review: Red Hugh, Prince of Donegal. Read more
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