Robert Mondavi and the Wine Industry - Essay Example

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The Robert Mondavi Winery became America’s innovative as well as high-quality producer of wine in the late 1960’s as well as in early 1970’s. The company introduced many innovative…
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Robert Mondavi and the Wine Industry
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Robert Mondavi and the Wine Industry INTRODUCTION Robert Mondavi has been operating as a wine manufacturer since 1943 in the Napa Valley. The Robert Mondavi Winery became America’s innovative as well as high-quality producer of wine in the late 1960’s as well as in early 1970’s. The company introduced many innovative procedures of wine production, fermentation and storage. The company initiated its “Initial Public Offering” in the year 1993 with the substantial investment in vineyard, land acquisition and working capital. Moreover, Robert Mondavi was succeeded by his son Michael Mondavi in the year 2001 and Greg Evan became the first non-family member to be the CEO of the company. However, owing to the economic downturn the sales of wine had reduced over the tenure of six months. Moreover, the company has been facing several threats from various sectors of the society both at national and international level.
The economic downturns have affected the wine market leading to a fall in the sales of wine over the tenure of the past six months. The company has been planning to change the strategy so that it can increase the sales of the company and ensure long term sustainability. However, it was noted that the Robert Mondavi’s wine industry to maintain the high quality of the wine used grapes from the personally owned vineyards. It has also been observed that the cost of land acquisition has also gone up, which has led to the increase in the cost of production. Conversely, the company even has an intangible strength of being innovation oriented. This initiates the ability of the company to enhance their quality as per the changing taste and preferences of the consumers. This would help the company to meet their sales need in the long run. Providing quality as per the preferences of consumer is an important consideration fo9r the business sustainability (Roberto 1-32).
Contextually, Mondavi in order to maintain their competitive advantage should be selecting a particular segment and then market their product. This would help the company to gain a profitable index providing the company with brand equity and incorporate the culture of innovation. Since, the company is inclined towards producing high-quality of wine it would be able to meet the changing needs of the consumers successfully. In order to develop its productivity the company should provide clarity to their product. This would enhance their share in the US market. Moreover, with a positive trend in the growth of wine consumption the company can claim its competitive advantage in the long run. Being the pioneer of the premium wine producer in the market of wine the company can easily develop their productive advantage amid the consumers. Additionally, with the increasing consumer’s trends for consuming quality products, it can be observed that the demand for high quality products produced by the company is likely to increase in future (Roberto 1-32).
From the above analysis, it can be ascertained that the company should be segmenting their market and then estimate the marketing needs of the product. With the elated development of the high quality product, consumers are likely to develop an inclination towards the consumption of the quality product in the long run. It has also been observed that the company needs to plan their land acquisition as it would bring down the cost involved with the production of wine. This would help the company to cut- down the cost and increase profitability. The projected growth in the wine consumption is likely to increase in the near future suggesting a profitable development for their line of business.
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Roberto, M. A. Roberto Mondavi and the Wine Industry. Harvard Business School (2005): 1-32. Print. Read More
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Robert Mondavi and the Wine Industry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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