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SWOT anaysis and Financial anaysis for Breakthrough Miami - Essay Example

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It is used to carve the sustainable niche in the market. SWOT analysis involves specifying the goals of the project and identifying the internal and external…
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SWOT anaysis and Financial anaysis for Breakthrough Miami
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Extract of sample "SWOT anaysis and Financial anaysis for Breakthrough Miami"

SWOT analysis SWOT analysis is a tool used to understand the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats in a business opportunity. It is used to carve the sustainable niche in the market. SWOT analysis involves specifying the goals of the project and identifying the internal and external factors in order to achieve the set objective (Wied 2007). The strengths describe the positive attributes intangible and tangible, internal to the organization. Break through Miami is a nonprofit making organization. It uses its programs to sponsor several students in the United States.
Reputation in the market
The shortage at the operating stage rather than partner stage
Well established position in the market
Lack of agencies operating at minor level.
Expertise at level in finance department consultancy
Is unable to deal with several assignments because lack of ability
Discovered market consultancy in other areas rather than finance department
Other small consultancies looking to invade in the market place.
Ratios can be used to analyze an organization financial statement. This can be done by comparing the financial statements with the competitors. Financial statements are easy to read. From the above financial statements, the current assets were 19.7 percent of the total amount of assets in 2003, and up by 19.1 percent in 2002. The current liabilities declined r\from 16.1 to 15.1 percent of the capital at that time. Financial analysis can be used to kick of the strategy formulation in a more sophisticated way as a serious strategy tool. The tool can be used to understand the competitors, which gives the insight needed to craft coherent and successful competitive position.
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