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One of them and most extensively realized intention was to defend France’s empire, which was flourishing itself into Africa by this time. Secondly, and less significant,…
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Download file to see previous pages Even after 182 years of its survival, the French Foreign Legion remains a much misunderstood unit in the global military scenario. Huge non-supportive behavior of French people against the United States led alliance for war against terrorism in Iraq and also their rejection to even recognize it as a global war provides only to increase the Legion’s contemporary insignificance.
Legion has mainly engaged itself in very rare attempts in the domain of peacekeeping and expansion of larger national military forces since 1962, they have established and preserved a level of preparation and capability that is more than that of other specialized military establishments. Foreign French Legion remains a vital component of nation’s military infrastructure, especially after recent reorganization.
King Louis Philippe came into power after King Charles X was overthrown in the result of a rebellion. King Louis Philippe was struggling with the problem soon after climbing the throne of France. That was how to address the huge number of refugees, revolutionaries and exiles coming from the bordering countries mixed up in internal uprisings. He knew the risk these foreigners can pose to his kingdom. A solution was proposed to King Louis Philippe by a self-proclaimed lieutenant general of French Army, Jean Lacroix. Lacroix had already formed a structure of foreign volunteers with designs on utilizing them in newly conquered territory of Algeria by the French army. He suggested that his force be expanded by positive recruiting all over the country side of France with pledges of handsome salary and legal status in the country. These suggestions of Jean Lacroix were approved by the King Louis Philippe as an excellent solution that was not only addressing his refugees’ problem, but it would also help in reducing the strive on the regular French military combating ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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