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Vichy France. Deportation of Jews from France before the Second World War - Essay Example

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France, in the year 1940, after facing defeat in the hands of the Germans had most parts of the country captured by the armies of the Germans which had the control to overrun most of the country. …
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Vichy France. Deportation of Jews from France before the Second World War
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Extract of sample "Vichy France. Deportation of Jews from France before the Second World War"

Download file to see previous pages The first part of the country was occupied by the Germans and was directly under their control. The Germans ruled the zone centering in Paris. The other area was still a free land under the control of the government of the country of France in which they had the right to rule that freely without the intervention of the German government. The free zone of the country was ruled by centering in Vichy. 1The French government of the free area of the country ruled from Vichy was named the Vichy France. The Vichy government of the country was to maintain law and order in the country as well as protect the Free State against the resistance of the German forces. 2The rule consists of period of four years. Though it was a free state it was under the shadow of the German rule and hence under the influence of the Nazism theories and beliefs. In the summer time of the year 1940, a series of what were called anti-Semitic measures were introduced in the area of Vichy France as it had its existence in the defeat of the country in the hands of the Nazis’ armies followed by the set of the collaboration policies that was urged by the country men of France during the period of the defeat. The German people, more specifically the then ruler of the country, Adolf Hitler was dead against the co existence of the Christians and the Jews in the same society. They had the feeling that the Jew were not socially suitable enough to live and enjoy the same facilities as the other people of the country could. They were considered the people of lower caste and social strata and hence forced out of the country and sometimes even punished severely without any guilt on their part however only for the reason that they were Jews by birth. The Jews were the people who were blamed by Hitler for the every misfortune that Germany experienced in previous periods and hence Adolf Hitler undertook a campaign to drive the Jews out of the country of Germany. This campaign of Hitler ultimately culminated in the holocaust3. Since the Vichy France had been ruling the country with the shadow of the Germans they also undertook campaigns in prosecution of the Jews from the country. Information from both the German government sources as well as the documents available from the Vichy France government provided trace regarding the vicissitudes of cooperation of France and Germany regarding the issue of the dealings with the Jews. The Vichy France government was proved to be the eager partner with the German in the persecution of the Jews.4 The Campaign in the Vichy France started in the summer of the year 1940 in which the government of the country with all its power and energy rested in their hands prosecuted the Jew residents out of their own homeland. The Jews of the country were driven out of Vichy France and from different public as well as private spheres of life of the country. A law was enforced in the region which clearly defined the identification of the Jews. Special discriminatory measures were imposed for the Jews of the Vichy France by the government of the region of the country. The Jews were thrown in certain special camps within the country and their movements were restricted within those particular camp areas and certain specific regions outside of that however only in certain reassigned times. In the summer of the year 1942 the final solution of the problem regarding the Jews residents residing in France were provided by the German government. There raised cases of arrest of the Jews of the country along with certain internments and deportations of the Jews in areas of Poland. All these incidents happened in Vichy France under the administration of the French government of the country and with their complicity. The frequencies of these incidents were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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