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Marketing Case Studies (College) Airbus 1. When Airbus was set up in 1970, it found it a tough task to break into the aircraft industry which was dominated by US aircraft manufacturers like Boeing. There was strong opposition from the part of other manufacturers and the US government…
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Download file to see previous pages However, Airbus managed to attract customers through innovative product development and production efficiency. Airbus introduced a wider choice of aircrafts, and the aircrafts were less expensive to fly as compared to Boeing’s. In addition, Airbus introduced better technology in planes, making their aircrafts better in operating efficiencies and performance. Yet another point was production efficiency. While Boeing failed to deliver aircrafts in time, Airbus had much more efficiency in production. For example, when Boeing produced 550 jets with 119000 workers, Airbus produced 230 jets with 33000 employees. 2. Airbus gained leadership in the aircraft manufacturing industry mainly due to its innovative technology and production efficiency. When Boeing continuously failed to introduce models that could attract customers, Airbus conducted thorough market research, and their aircrafts were produced according to the demands of the airlines. So, they found it easy to get orders. In addition, Airbus planes were equipped with better technologies and were economic to operate. Boeing, in an attempt to regain its lost glory, announced two new developments, the 74X and a sonic cruiser. However, due to weak market projections, both plans were abandoned halfway. However, of late, Boeing has started working on improving the efficiencies of its existing aircrafts and reducing prices. It is evident that until Boeing becomes able to incorporate latest technology and to make its planes economic to fly, the position of Airbus is less likely to be threatened. 3. The predictions of both Boeing and Airbus about the market are entirely different. While Airbus believes that markets would require larger planes for long- haul flights, Boeing predicts that smaller planes would be in demand as point to point serviced would be in vogue. However, it has become evident that airlines are showing a growing interest in large A-380 super jet of Airbus as this helps meet the increasing freight shipment. On the other hand, Boeing is still stern on its belief that the time of larger plane has not yet come, and is working on improving the operational efficiency of its existing range. In addition, it is planning to introduce new technology in planes, and is set to improve its production efficiency. Wal-Mart 1. There are three reasons that made Wal-Mart decide to go global. The first one is the increasing competition in the domestic market. For example, companies like K-mart and Target had started eating into Wal-Mart’s market share through aggressive marketing strategies. So, Wal-Mart considered it wise to explore new markets. The second reason is the understanding that there are better markets outside the US, and confining its operations to the US market which represents only 4% of the world population is not a good idea. The third reason is that globalization and liberation of markets around the world made it possible for businesses to operate anywhere in the world. 2. In fact, Wal-Mart’s decision to enter Germany was based on a few recent developments and on the understanding of the size of the market. First of all, with the coming of Euro, the company guessed it would be easy to function in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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