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Visions of Zion by Larry J. Hood - Book Report/Review Example

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This paper "Visions of Zion by Larry J. Hood" focuses on an extremely interesting book that is an amalgamation of different themes such as religion, politics, reforms, women and morality, education, war, and government. This book of 298 pages was published by the University Press of America.  …
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Visions of Zion by Larry J. Hood
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Extract of sample "Visions of Zion by Larry J. Hood"

Download file to see previous pages Larry J. Hood its author writes about the new generation of Americans who were inclined towards a new religious revival which was a Christian awakening and an advancing modernization that they hoped would pave the way for great prosperity especially in the Counties of rural Nelson and Washington. This new generation of Americans looked forward to a new era of Liberty and Freedom. Religious sentiments were a major part in the lives of the people that comprised of two groups made up of the Northerners and Southerners. However, as noted by the author, neither of the two groups was able to define nor understand the meaning of the worldview as projected by the new leaders of America.
Religion was part and parcel of their daily lives and it is this concept that had a major control over their thinking and actions. For example, the group following Protestantism laid emphasis on having improved public schools. This was rejected by the Northerners who did not prefer national amalgamation to be brought about through public education. The Southerners took up a crusade against Northern Protestant prohibition because they could not understand why the Northerners rejected the effort and viewed it as an attack on their way of life and religious concepts. In terms of life experiences, the Southerners believed in conversion brought about by the Church.
Most individuals sought to identify themselves as both morally and spiritually with a specific community of believers and all of them hoped for a better future. Christians looked forward to the promise of Heaven and thereby redemption from their sins. The Catholics and Protestants look forward to building God’s kingdom in the Promised Land and believed that doing service to others was fulfilling God’s command. Before the Civil War, the Nelson and Washington Counties identified themselves with their nation’s destiny, but after the war, these counties vied with each other for prominence among the political leaders of the state as well as the nation. All sense of unity as Americans were destroyed as the counties engaged in war and the hatred between them lasted for many decades.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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