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Good Country People - Essay Example

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In the essay “Good Country People” the author discusses the short story written by Flannery O’Connor who proffered character depictions of people whose real personalities counter impressions they impose on others. Manley Pointer, the visitor in the story, presumed to be a Bible salesman…
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Good Country People
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Extract of sample "Good Country People"

Manley narrated to Mrs. Hopewell that “he was the seventh child of twelve and that his father had been crushed under a tree when he himself was eight years old. He had been crushed very badly, in fact, almost cut in two and was practically not recognizable. His mother had got along the best she could by hard-working and she had always seen that her children went to Sunday School and that they read the Bible every evening” (O’Connor, 8). The true character of Manley was only revealed at the end of the story when he admitted that “’ I’ve gotten a lot of interesting things,’ he said. ‘One time I got a woman’s glass eye this way. And you needn’t think you’ll catch me because Pointer ain’t really my name. I use a different name at every house I call at and don’t stay nowhere long’” (O’Connor, 18). Manley concealed his real identity through falsely claiming his good nature and character and by posing as a seller of Bibles, associated as the Holy Book for Christians – even quoting some verses from it – to ultimately and completely foreshadow his dark and deceiving character.  Read More
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Revelation and Good Country People by Flannery OConnor, and this is the only time in the story that she feels closer to God. Hulga in ‘Good Country People’ hence is a receiver of God’s message, which shatters her beliefs of arrogance and independence and moves her closer to Humility. On the other hand, Mary Grace is a bearer of God’s messages, which brings about the same results in Mrs. Turnip, which are experienced by Hulga at the end of the story (O'Connor, Good Country People). Hulga and Mary Grace are two very different characters and play a completely different role in their respective stories. They appear to be complete opposites to each other, but despite the difference of roles...
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Good Country People

... perspective is used to bring out the meaning and flow of events. This means that the emotions and actions of the characters in the story are not expressed openly but through an observer. In conclusion, the story features a myriad of aspects that are used to bring the plot and flow of events to life. This makes the story worth due to the themes focused on, as they appear crucial to the wellbeing of the society. Works Cited Bosco, Mark. "Consenting To Love: Autiobiographical Roots Of "Good Country People." Southern Review 41.2 (2005): 283-295.  O’Connor, Flannery. Good Country People. n.d. Web. 21 Oct. 2012. Good%20Country%20People.pdf> Oliver, Kate. "O'connor's GOOD COUNTRY PEOPLE." Explicator 62.4 (2004): 233-236....
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Good Country People by Flannery O'Conner

...Freeman's limited facial expressions, but therein she reveals also the limits of her own thinking. Her thoughts of the Freemans are laced with some scorn, but she humors them because they are "good country people" and of use to her. Mrs Hopewell's daughter Hulga, who had lost her leg in a shooting accident, is openly rude to Mrs Freeman, but the good countrywoman was never troubled even by "a direct attack, a positive leer, blatant ugliness to her face." The author, however, does not attempt to present any rosy picture of country people. Mrs Freeman is shown to poke her very sharp nose into everything, with "a special fondness for the...
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Flannery O'Connors Good Country People and chaos that the lack of spirituality can bring about, as illustrated in the example of Hulga Hopewell's wretched condition, at the end of the story. Through the use of symbols such as names and the color of attires, she builds the irony, and in the end exposes the negative impact of atheism. Irony in Flannery O'Connor's Good Country People Introduction From ancient times, stories have been told and retold with the primary goal - to differentiate between the good and the bad. While the manner in which story-tellers narrate their tales may depend on the story being told and the mind-frame of the audience, some rules are universal. Many writers choose to demarcate the good and the evil clearly...
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Flannery O' Conner's: Good Country People

... and accept other people as they are. Being there and looking after the welfare of other individuals is also a character that a good country person is not supposed to miss. This implies being caring and mindful of other people’s well-being without being compelled by others to do so. Honesty is also considered a component that should be there in every individual for them to fit as good country people. Honesty includes not trying to hide feelings and true intentions towards other people. Most of the characters in O Conners book in one way or another have shortcomings towards achieving the characters of good country people. Considering all the characters in the story and their behaviors, Mrs. Hopewell has in a special way portrayed herself...
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Good Country People by Flannery OConnor

It also shows their direct oppositions between the true situation and the problems that actually exist in life from their experienced or seen to what they might imagine or how they would like life and situations to be. The different characters in the story have different definitions and different symbolism in them. Joy who changed her name to Hulga symbolizes people who just cover their weaknesses by showing to other people that they just depend on themselves and that they can control other people. Her artificial leg symbolizes her weaknesses in her life. Manley Pointer, a hypocrite person who symbolizes people who are stealing people’s future and hope in life. His valise represents the evil attitude that a person kept. M...

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Flannery O'Connors Good Country People

...) and thus derives no satisfaction from her. Hulga's mindset embodies the radical effect that a flaw, whether actual or imagined, has on action and perception. The exploit of deception to realize one's appeals is exhibited through Manley Pointer. His presentation as "good country people" (135) earns Mrs. Hopewell's immediate trust, for she believes he is "the salt of the earth" (135). With the poise of his heart condition, he lures her trust further, as Hulga is diagnosed with the same ailment. He also stresses his devotion to "Christian service" (135) with the purpose of selling a few Bibles. The phallic inference of the name "Manley Pointer" symbolizes the masculine sexuality with which he hoodwinks Hulga. Manley Pointer stands...
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The Theme of Illusion and Deception in Good Country People

...Good Country People In “Good Country People” by Flannery O’Connor, the hidden truth is reflected unambiguously through the reality in the story. The story addresses foolishness of intellectuals, good versus evil, and the most important, the theme of reality versus illusion. There is a lot of illusion in the story where characters and events turns out to be very different from what they are assumed to be. The theme of illusion versus reality is widely manifested in this story in various incidences. An important character’s daughter is well educated with a PhD but tends to behave as if she does not have common sense. She fall victim of a young man who is a “Bible Salesman” and finds herself in a binding situation. She thinks that country...
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Critical Analysis- Good Country People Flannery O'Conner

...without caring at all think that they can live on their own without the help of nationalities. This is a misplaced notion since they also have their citizens living in other countries. Therefore, what if other nations turn against their citizens in foreign land? Works Cited Bosco, Mark. Consenting to Love: Autobiographical Roots of "Good Country People". The Southern Review. 283-295. Evans, David. H. CUT! . . . Flannery O’Connor’s Apotemnophiliac Allegories. American Literature, Vol. 81(2). 2009. 305-331 Holsen, Ruth. O’Connor’s “Good Country People. University of Bergen, 2002. Print Hubbard, Elizabeth. Blindness and...
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Analysis of Flannery OConnors Good Country People

Joy/Hulga’s false attitude of superiority is actually a self-built cocoon of isolation, which camouflages her fear of life: Pointer’s violation is her salvation as it breaks open her cocoon and forces her to live.

Joy/Hulga’s intellectual superiority is only a convenient device that she uses to isolate herself from the real world. She uses her doctorate in Philosophy as a justification for considering herself to be intellectually superior. She makes it clear that she despises the circumstances of her life and would be “far from these red hills and good county people” (O’Connor, 18) if it wasn’t for her weak heart. In her opinion, the intellectual environment of a university wou...
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