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A Street Car Named Desire by Tennessee Williams - Essay Example

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In the paper “A Street Car Named Desire by Tennessee Williams” the author analyzes a play that deals with the power play between sweet fantasies and crude realities in every human’s life. The fantasies finally fail to win over the realities. The play revolves around two major characters…
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A Street Car Named Desire by Tennessee Williams
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Extract of sample "A Street Car Named Desire by Tennessee Williams"

Download file to see previous pages The fantasies finally fail to win over the realities.
 The play revolves around two major characters Blanche DuBois and Stanly Kowalski, who represent the fantasy and the reality. Blanche DuBois was a school teacher in Laurel Mississippi. As a shattered woman she arrives at her pregnant sister Stella Kowalski’s apartment in New Orleans. She tells her sister that she has lost their ancestral home due to the death of their relatives and that she is on leave from her job due to bad nerves. For her brother-in-law, Stanley Kowalski, Blanche is not fully welcome. He believes that Blanche has cheated her sister Stella of her share of the ancestral inheritance. Her heavy drinking also makes her life in the apartment more difficult. The tension between Blanche and Stanley Kowalski comes to the open during a drunken poker game with his friends in his apartment. Blanche gets closer to one of Stanley’s friends, Mr. Harold “Mitch” Mitchell. This irritates Stanley who gets violent with anger and throws the radio out of the bedroom window and slaps his wife Stella when she defends Blanche. Stanley, however, gets remorseful soon and begs pardon from Stella, while Mitch meets Blanche outside the flat and comforts her.
 Next day as Blanche tries to convince the pregnant Stella to leave Stanley for a millionaire called Shep Huntleigh, Stanley enters and overhears her. Knowing that Blanche is getting under his skin more Stanley declares that he had heard enough scandals about Blanche’s disrespectful past. The fear of revelations about her past disturbs Blanche. Next day during a date with Mitch, Blanche comes to know that Stanley had revealed everything about her past to Mitch too. To cover up all those rumors, Blanche tells Mitch that she lost her husband, who committed suicide because she was against his homosexuality. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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