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Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter - Book Report/Review Example

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In the following paper “Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter” the author discusses a humorous but touching tale by Mario Vargas Llosa of a 19-year-old law student called Mario, who has a job at the radio station where he is employed as a news editor…
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Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter
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Extract of sample "Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter"

Download file to see previous pages This novel is the story of a young writer whose aspirations and dreams are put at risk due to his love for his aunt-in-law Julia. It is a story where a young boy falls in love with his own aunt, a thirty-two-year-old divorcee. The writer’s romantic association with Julia complicates his life and puts his career as a writer at risk. His writing suffers as he is busy living life to its fullest. His laborious writing laden with symbolism is doomed from inception. Aunt Julia enters his life at a time when he is trying to establish himself as a writer and find an individual identity without the help of his family. Julia and Mario are quite in love with each other, but when the relatives come to know of the news they disapprove totally and the couple flees to a town they don’t know anything about with the intention of getting married and leading a happy and peaceful life. In the melee, Mario chances upon Pedro Camacho, a Bolivian serial author, who is a soap opera radio writer and he befriends him. ...
be fired from his job due to his inconsistency in keeping control over his characters, who seemed to die in one of the episodes and again reappear in the next, getting his audience totally confused over the happenings. Mario does not want to keep the secret of his love for Julia any longer and so confronts his family stating that he would provide Julia with a good life. Julia encourages Mario and supports him in every way possible and encourages him to pursue his dream of going to Paris and becoming a writer. It was during this time that Pedro Camacho loses his mind totally and is rushed off to the mental hospital. Becoming a man of letters was the primary aim of Mario who keeps writing a lot. However, his writing is not much appreciated by his friends who feel that he still has to gain a lot of experience in the arena of writing. Mario admires Pedro’s talent and skill for writing and tries to emulate his love for hard work. Mario meets Pedro when he gets hired by his employers to the same radio station where Mario works to write scripts for the radio serials. The radio stations gain a lot of popularity when the serials become quite famous in the capital. Pedro comes up with shockingly different characters that keep the audience spellbound. Though he gains the height of popularity, yet as time passes he makes a hash of his work by mixing up the different characters and changing their names.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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